Cat's Eye / Lehsunia Instant Buy

Cat's Eye / Lehsunia Instant Buy

Cat's Eye - Lehsunia Ring

Cat's Eye - Lehsunia Ring

Cat's Eye - Lehsunia Pendants

Cat's Eye - Lehsunia Pendants


Loose Cat's Eye Gemstones

Cat's Eye / Lehsunia is a semi precious gemstone found in different shades of colors like gray, black, honey and yellowish green. The Cat's eye / Lehsunia gemstone can be made into a ring or a pendant with silver.  The minimum weight of Cats Eye stone should be 2.5 to 4 ratti. This ring should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand on a Tuesday Morning during Krishna Paksha before sunrise. While wearing Cat’s Eye / Lehsunia Gemstone recite the mantra, 'Aum Kem Ketave Namah’.

Cat's eye is beneficial for Ketu. It is very beneficial to wear this stone during the mahadasha of Ketu if posited in the rashis of Taurus, Gemini. Cat's Eye should be worn if Ketu is giving powerless or malefic results in the diagram. People whose number according to astrology matches that of Ketu, which is 7, can use cat's eye. This gemstone represents the planet ketu and with its enriched healing properties cat's eye stone. 

Cat's eye stone helps one to strengthen their physical weakness and mental imbalances and helps to restore memory. Wearing cat's eye gemstone can help cope with such “more often than not experience,” bringing peace and harmony. The Ketu dosha, which is known as one of the worst and longest remaining dosha (ill-effects) that last around 18 years will be soothed by wearing cat’s eye stone. It guards the wearer against several serious diseases related to the heart, stomach, brain, and mind.

Cat's Eye Pricing depends on various factors like light band, and it's origin.

Most expensive Cat's Eye are Natural Old Burmese ruby, Then new burmese rubies, then sri lankan rubies then african and then indian rubies.

Also most of todays rubies are treated and enhanced for colour and clarith. these are done in thailand and thus called Bangkok rubies, Also they are very cheap in price ad compared to natural untreated ruby.

Rest Assured you will get all rubies at best prices whatever quality you choose.

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