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Before knowing about Geopathic Stress rods we need to understand what actually Geopathic stress is.

Geopathic Stress is the Earths vibrations which rise up through the Earth and are distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. Geopathic Stress is the term used for natural or man-made energies from the earth and which are harmful to human health. The vibration distorted becomes abnormally high and harmful to living organisms. The effects of GS weaken a person’s life force, thus causing low immunity and ill health. These things create harmful radiations and generate heat which affects the person’s health who sleeps on GS.

It is the study of earth energies and their effect on human health. There are various types of earth energies, some very beneficent for human health, and some are harmful. It is important to understand that none of the earth energies we are dealing with is dangerous and there is no need for fear. The reason these energies are challenging for human health is because their strong vibrations can weaken a person's immune system if one is exposed to them for a long period of time. So, it is wise to avoid spending too much time.

Geopathic Stresses, emitted from earth’s natural sources, are 200 times stronger than the average energy level of the human body and are also ‘negative’ in nature. These radiations start affecting the health of an individual is subjected to them over a period of time. If one is sleeping on a bed or working in a particular cabin in their office, which is cut by a magnetic grid line or an underground water stream, then it causes a negative impact on one’s health. The extent of damage will depend on the immunity level of the person.

In order to control this and provide you with the benefits, Gemtre provides you with this Geopathic Stress Rod.

What is Geopathic Stress rod?

Geopathic Neutralizer Stress Rod is a Vastu yantra it removes out the evil effects and helps in improving the status of money, wealth, health, and success for a happy and peaceful life. It helps to rectify the faults of a building, site, home, office or a structure due to wrong construction or creation.

How the Geopathic Stress rod should be used?

There are many instruments on the market that are designed to clear a home or an office from harmful vibrations. Geopathic tools such as Space Harmonizers, Pyramids, Energy Plates, Geo Resonators, Crystals and even devices that employ laser beams are used to protect the energy of a home.

One popular and very simple method is to place copper, brass or steel rods at specific points in the ground around your house, or in specific areas affected. The points where they need to be placed can be identified by dowsing.

In order to make this method work, you have to know the direction of the flow of earth lines you need to block or neutralize, as well as the distance between them. When you place specific tools in specific areas of your home, you are creating a grid of safe energy.

Benefits of Geopathic Stress rods:

1. It would only help your place free from bad earth rays only for a short amount of time. This is believed to be an effective geopathic stress remedy.

2. Vastu norms help us alleviate the bad earth rays if they are applied correctly.

3. Geopathic rods composed of 12 various types of minerals, crystal pyramids along with golden ratio shield which gives off high positive energy which has a capability to overcome or subsides all the negative energies including Geopathic stress.

4. It is inexpensive.

5. It provides better health and relieves you from mental health issues.

Gemtre, we have a speciality in selling astrological gemstones and Holistic wellness products.

Geopathic Stress Rods (Brass) or neutralizer is a Holistic wellness product which helps in correction of Vastu dosh due to faults in the structure of the home, office

We provide Geopathic stress rod at a price of 999/-.

We also provide free astrological and gemological consultations. For further details or to buy online please visit our website gemtre.in

We wish our product brings positive effects in your life.

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