Holistic Wellness Tips to Fight Covid-19 / Corona

Updated: Aug 18

We All have been adversly affected by pandemic Covid -19. All our businesses and jobs are at stake along with health.

We try to take up different topics related to health, wealth and relation improvements using basic home remedies.

Today Lets Talk about how to boost your immunity to fight corona virus and stay strong and safe too.

* Make a daily habit of squeezing one lemon a day in your diet in any form be it in normal water, lukewarm water, salads or your main meal, Lemon makes your system ready to fight any infection entering your body.

* Drink one glass of Milk with kachi haldi / fresh turmeric at night before bedtime, which activates all systems, which enhances our organ working.

* Try to include dal chini, ginger / adrak, laung in your main course or tea. These boost the immune system drastically.

* Drink 3-5 litres of water daily. It cleanses your entire system and keep you healthy and hydrated.

* Most Important have Tulsi & Giloy natural or in tablet form of any company available. We use Ramdev's Patanjali's Tulsi Vati and Giloy Vati. A lot of companies are offering these now including Dabur, Himalaya etc.

* Use holistic totally organic air purifiers which kill all virus and bacterias in our homes and offices. We use special totaly organic Hawan Cups which take 2 mins to use and clenases our environment free of virus and bacteria from the air. Also using these actually heals and strengthen our internal body systems with its unique 40 + herbs and natural ingredients.

You can check these out and video on how to use them too. W have mor e than 500 testimonials of clients who are regular users of Gemtre Hawan Cups. It includes all google, loban, chandan, cow dung, rice, dal chini, elaichi, laung, jatamasi and the list goes on...

Check Organic Hawan Cups made of Cow Dung and Mango walnut Wood now.

*We use protection oils on our face masks and on handkerchief and even on our clothes which balances and boosts our energies. Check Out our Essential Oils Section

*Wear face masks to fight and keep corona away. Use hand sanitizers and wash hands every now and then wherever possible.

* Regularly exercise, do yoga and meditate as much as possible daily to keep energy levels high and immunity strong.

Lets Together Grow and Fight Corona Covid 19 and Stay Safe and Healthy.

Stay Tuned for our Upcoming Article blogs on how to improve businesses and finance running with simple home remedies and feng shui vastu placements.

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