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Some call it believe, some call it trusting your stars, some go to the extent of calling it a method for extracting money out of those in need, but Raghav often says it is necessary to succeed because one needs some luck along with hard-work.

Some call it believe, some call it trusting your stars, some go to the extent of calling it a method for extracting money out of those in need, but Raghav often says it is necessary to succeed because one needs some luck along with hard-work. Most often it feels he is rite, because hard work needs a route. Vastu services or vastu experts gives a direction to the hard work so that you are not traversing towards an abyss that provides you nothing but frustration. On the other hand, the saying that it is only method of extracting money out of the desperate one is also believable. The methods of vastu are tough and makes one belief that those who call it fake are true. After seeing Raghav progressing, first in his studies and later in his business, sent some chill down to everybody’s spine. He was always working hard with consistency, but the way things were turning out for him was jaw clinching with a severe headache because in today’s word seeing your peers succeeding is serious pain, and health hazard. Vastu has its merits and demerits, both vary from person to person and there is no point in throwing upon this topic.

Vastu shastra importance & its benefits

The experts and believers of vastu shastra say that it is the ideal way surmount the impossible tasks helping the recipient in performing them easily. According to their saying, it completes the missing elements and propels the forces to favor you, who were earlier acting against you. Vastu experts near or far lay forth some basic vastu tips and principles helping a house becoming a home. According to them every house emits energy, and to make these energies to work in for you, it requires some work.

The vastu consultants in delhincr advice that:

      i. Repositioning: for the entry of positive energy. As per the rules of vastu good entrance position attracts good health, wealth and prosperity. East or North are the ideal for the entrance door.  Further, the door should be bright or well lit, and it should be made of solid or teak wood. Another advice is to avoid keeping footwear at the entrance as it blocks positive energy. The experts say, the entrance must have an image or sculpture of God.      ii. The first item, painting or piece of furniture, whatever you see, shall make you happy. It is better that wall should be decorated with a family photograph, your favorite paintings or any furniture you adore.     iii. Next, remove the clutter: Make sure that the first room you see on enterance is clutter free and make sure that there is enough room and possibility for movement. According to vastu for bedroom, clutter, especially within the cupboards and under the bed is bad.    iv. Sleeping positions: the bedroom of must be decorated with vastu yantra to invite its benefits into the life of the owners. It shall have vastu pyramid as it has several benefits.     v. Edges:In the bedroom, Vastu dictates that one should avoid sleeping directly in line with any sharp corners. Sharp corners are said to take away the calm and serenity from your life and make you much more tensed    vi. Peaceful and serene coexistence: vastu shastra is all to channelize calmness in the environment and for peace because of serene co existence.   vii. Kitchen: The kitchen is an important component of the building structures because the kitchen is where all people derive their nutrition from, and hence their health as well. When dealing witharchitecture of the house and vastu, it becomes important to make sure that the kitchen is also designed in accordance with the principles of the vastu. Building the kitchen:

  • South-east corner: It is best if the kitchen is in the south-east corner of the house, or the corner of the house.

  • North-west: If it is not possible to construct a kitchen on south-east, one can move to the north- western portion.

  • Electric or flammable gadgets: there are some gadgets in the kitchen, such as the power grinder, mixer or the toaster. To avoid emission of negative energy they must be connected in the southern wall, for this is the direction of the kitchen that is best for the element of fire.

  • Colors: Try using colors to make the whole thing more colorful for you. There are four primary colors that are believed to increase a person’s health, eating habits and fitness. There are four colors that are best used for the vastu of kitchen. The colors included blue, green, red and yellow.

  • Door: The door of the kitchen must face the north- eastern direction. They could also face the north or the east directions.

  • Cooking: When cooking activities are being installed, it would be the best for the lady to be facing east while cooking. This is inclinedto bring more prosperity and generosity to life.

  • The dining area: The kitchen or the dining room is a good place to have daily meals. But when one is eating in the kitchen or the daily meals, people must make sure that they are not pointing towards the southern direction

Mirrors: According to vastu, mirrors should not face north or east. This may divertthe sothing energy entering from the north or east direction. where to keep crystal pyramid at home?

The crystal pyramid must be kept in the hall where the family sits for relaxation or recreation. This time is considered important because it fuels the family with positive energy.

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