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17 Mukhi

17 Mukhi

Certified 17 Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha

Certified 17 Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha


Dimensions:- 12.98 x 8.17 x 6.74 MM

Weight:- 1.51 ct

Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha- is a form of Mata Katyani and Vishwakarma, the builders of this universe. This rudraksha bestows the devotee with immense power and divinity. This Rudraksha is very beneficial for CEOs, Project Leaders, Politicians, businessmen, Head of the institutions and Head of the family. Katyani Devi is one of the Nav Durga and is the sixth form of Goddess Durga. This Rudraksha is ruled by Lord Vishwakarma, the builder of this Universe. 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is very useful and proven for leaders, businessmen, CEOs, politicians and people desiring astonishing growth in their career and good destiny. This Rudraksha removes all obstacles from the path of the wearer and gives immense prosperity in land-related business, realty, pharma, telecom and IT. The wearer of this rudraksha is blessed with an immense fortune, sudden wealth, fulfilment of all materialistic desires and freedom from diseases.


Mantra: Om Hreeng Hoong Hoong Namah
मंत्र: ओम ह्रींग हूंग हूंग नमः


If you are unsure of size Consult with our Astrologer free book here. If you have any other quality related query feel free to contact us on 7330004000.



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