Certified Natural Gemstones

Gemstones are a type of mineral crystal, rocks, or organic matter that have been chosen for their beauty. Gemstones are precious and semiprecious stone which are used as per astrological purposes and are worn in rings, pendants mostly.

Gemtre is one of the most trusted and popular gemstones stores in Delhi, India dealing with all types of 100% natural gemstones online since 1984.  Buy precious astrological gemstones and gemstones as per your zodiac from the best online gemstones wholesalers. High Quality and Certified Gemstones. As we Know choosing the perfect and original gemstone is an extremely important decision. As per your horoscope, some planets are your friends while others are not. We have an expert team of Astrologer & Gemologist to guide you astrologically. Always consult an expert Astrologer or Numerologist before wearing any gemstone.

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We deal in only natural gemstones sourced directly from mines. Hence our products are genuine without middlemen and available at very reasonable prices. We are the best online gemstone dealers with certifications and free energisation.

We deal in all Precious gemstones and their semi precious substitute gemstones like yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, red coral, ruby, cats eye, hessonite stone, pearl, emerald and so on.