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Ruby Bracelet

Ruby Bracelet

Natural Semi Precious Diamond Cut Bracelet

Natural Semi Precious Diamond Cut Bracelet


Ruby (Manik)- Ruby (Manik) is a natural gemstone, dark pink or blood red, from the corundum family. Vedic astrology recommends wearing rubies to achieve success and growth in business, work, social status, authority and self-confidence.

The constellation of Cancer is ruled by Mercury, one of the planets in the solar system. Mercury rules the Ruby birthstone. Ruby stone have unique properties in terms of color, crystal structure, characteristics and capabilities. Ruby gems, or birthstones assigned to Cancer, are thought to affect the positive and negative personality traits and characteristics of those born under the Cancer sign.


Gem mines astrologers say that RubyStone describe the naval chakras of the human body and give power to the mind.

If someone is afraid of death or other fears in life, astrologers advise them to wear Ruby (Manik).

According to astrology, a Ruby ​​ring is always beneficial to increase self-confidence, enthusiasm for life and make the right decision.

Astrologers recommend using Ruby stone to overcome emotional and psychological problems in life.


There is no doubt that rubies are one of the most healing gems in the world.Eliminate the following diseases:

  • Weak eyes
  • Rheumatism problem
  • Blood circulation problems
  • Mental illness
  • Diseases related to bones
  • Heart disease
  • Lung related disease.

In ancient times, kings or powerful people used to wear Ruby ​​stone. Ruby stone are used by Authorities and Managers to achieve a successful and luxurious life.

  • Clear confusion and increase self-confidence.
  • Eliminate negative thoughts.
  • Bring good luck, wealth in life.
  • Bring happiness and peace to life.
  • Wearing natural rubies can help overcome shyness.
  • Ruby stone is considered a success in competitive examinations.


If you are unsure of size Consult with our Astrologer free book here. If you have any other quality related query feel free to contact us on 7330004000.


Cut And Polished Made In India.



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