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When we talk about fashion, what deserves more attention is the jewellery and its different forms available in the market. Jewellery is an eternal love as it represents one’s love and vow towards a relationship. Not only does it highlights the looks of the person, but it also depicts her unique style and choices.

When we talk about fashion, what deserves more attention is the jewellery and its different forms available in the market. Jewellery is an eternal love as it represents one’s love and vow towards a relationship. Not only does it highlights the looks of the person, but it also depicts her unique style and choices.

To stay ahead in the game of fashion, one needs to change their statement according to the latest trends regularly. Just like fashion, it is necessary to keep updating the jewellery collection by following the current trends of this year. A little change in the jewellery section can completely change the overall look of the wearer. Hence, this blog targets to notify the readers about the current summer jewellery trends of 2019.

Top Five Fashion Jewellery Trends of 2019 to Follow

Jewellery has a deep significance to each individual as it showcases the choices and personality of its users. Hence, it is mandatory to keep yourself updated with the modern styles and jewellery trends this year. Here is a list of the significant five artificial jewellery trends in 2019 which you must know:

1. Mismatched Earrings

Earrings are a necessity that adds glamour to the woman's beauty. Since ages, women have been wearing matched earrings to complement their attire and their looks. However, this year, the style has upgraded itself, and mismatched earrings are trending the charts. One of the most worn jewellery styles is the mismatched earrings, which go well with the western attires. Girls love to wear these with long flared pants and gowns. In case you want to go with the Indian wear, do try out the handmade ones.

2. Stacked Bangles

Bangles have always been one of the elegant jewellery trends of all time. Bangles or bracelets, whatever you want to name them, the arm jewellery is one of the trendiest styles that you may come across.  A stack of huge colourful bangles is undoubtedly going to change your look and enhance your attire to a large extent. You can choose them according to size and colour or else you can wear a mismatched combination of them to match them with your look.

3. Layers Of Chains

After chokers, linked chains are the trendy necklaces that are topping the fashion charts in 2019. You can team up the chains according to your preferences of both thick and thin types and instantly pair them up with your western attire. In the case of the traditional clothes, you can wear thick silver or rose-gold necklaces layered up to highlight the outfit with the jewellery.

4. Power Of The Flowers

Last summers, the fashion industry saw the obsession over the seashells. But this time it is all about colourful flowers and their unique wedding jewellery sets which signify elegance and beauty. Flowers have been an old tradition in the Indian culture as many believe that flowers can provide a differentiated look to the brides.

Another advantage of using this kind of jewellery is that there are no worries of misplacing these pieces or staining them with unwanted colours. Flower jewellery looks exceptionally graceful and stylish and can add a unique touch to heighten the magnificence of the wearer.

5. Stone-studded Bracelets

Another style that requires a particular reference is the use of stone-studded cuff bracelets. Bracelets have always ruled the world of jewellery as it adds a nice touch to one's personality. Bracelets aren't restricted to only weddings as many people like to wear simple ones with charms, which signify the presence of love and happiness in their lives. The ones which are trending this year are stoned studded with precious and semi-precious stones which hold some significance in the lives of the wearers.

Apart from these styles, there is a recent update on the corporate jewellery for the working women. These ornaments consist of abstract designs that allow users to experiment with their looks.  They can team these jewellery designs with crisp formal wear to get the ultimate classy look for the day.

A Special Mention to the Indian Bridal Jewellery Trends In 2019

Whenever we talk about jewellery, the first thing that comes to our mind is the elegant and sophisticated wedding jewellery sets. Every woman has dreamt about customising their wedding jewellery according to their choices. In many cases, that isn't possible as the jewellery is passed from previous generations. However, one should be well aware of the trending wedding jewellery styles to incorporate those precious designs for their life event.

Bridal jewellery is an essential component as it accentuates the overall look of the bride on her special day. Hence, choosing the bridal jewellery is one of the most crucial tasks for the bride. Here are some of the latest bridal jewellery trends that one might refer to their upcoming event.

1. Traditional Is Always the One to Look Out For

The traditional jewellery is made out of precious gemstones like cat eye stone, sapphire, ruby, kundan, gold, silver, etc. However, in this country, traditional jewellery is mostly composed of gold, which has a deep connection with the people here. The conventional jewellery adds an aesthetic value to the attire of the bride. Most of the people here consider such jewellery quite auspicious for the big event as such jewellery sets are passed on through generations. Hence, traditional jewellery will always be leading the bridal jewellery trends in India. 

2. Ethical Rings

Since our environment is degrading with time, so it’s high time that we think of resorting to environment-friendly options, even at our weddings. What can be more benefiting than opting for an engagement or wedding ring which is environment-friendly? A diamond ring is ideal for such ceremonies. But diamonds go long back to the history of fuelling conflict as well as the exploitation of the miners. Hence, in 2019, make an ethical choice of picking the ideal wedding ring for your spouse.

An ethical ring is not just a free diamond but also includes recycled metals. Such a ring also abides by the human rights of the craftsmen. Hence, the socially conscious couple can opt for such rings for their upcoming events. Do not worry about the looks of these rings as the leading jewellery companies provide you stunning options when it comes down to ethical rings. Hence, propose your partner with the vintage, conflict-free diamond ring and embark on a romantic journey together.

3. The Age-Old Temple Jewellery

One of the most prevalent jewellery trends in India is the temple jewellery which comes with an antique finish. Temple jewellery is synthesised out of gold and is quite chunky in appearance. Primarily red and green coloured gemstones are sued in making these ornaments. These wedding jewellery setshave intricate designs of different kinds of large motifs of Hindu Gods and goddesses are which require the expertise of the goldsmiths. Pair this up with a Kanjeevaram sari for the ultimate regal look for your D-day.

4. Large Nose Ring

In India, a nose ring symbolises the marital status of the wearer. According to the traditions here, the bride only puts on a nose ring on her wedding day and continues to wear it forever. With time, this tradition has started to diminish slowly among modern brides. However, recently, the famous celebs have started wearing huge stone studded nose rings on different events. Since then, a large nose ring has been one of the most talked-about style statements of 2019.

5. Jhumkas

Jhumkas are one of the famous traditional jewelry which can never go out of fashion. It is not restricted to weddings only. Many people like to wear artificial ones daily to their workplace and other events. In the case of weddings, the gold ones are quite in trends which provide an ethereal look to the bride. Just a pair of nice jhumkas can turn the overall look of the wearer instantly.

6. Multi-layered Necklaces For The Royal Look

Multi-layered necklaces are quite famous as it adds up to the royal appearance of the bride.  Crafted with care and honesty, these necklaces are studded with precious stones, kundan, pearl, pacchi along with mirror work. It looks stunning when paired with saris and lehengas. Mostly the celebrities wore this kind of statement necklace at their weddings in 2019.

Other Indian jewelry trends include Mathapatti, bridal chokers, and cocktail rings. These trends will never ever go out of style as these designs add a chic and elegance, which enhances the glow of the bride on her wedding day. Not only are they traditional, but they also complement the western look to perfection.

To follow these jewelry trends in 20019, one needs to find a reliable as well as a reputed designer in the market. Apart from that, one also needs expert help to find rare gems like cat eye stone, ruby gem, yellow sapphire, etc. for their jewelry. One such trustworthy famous jewelry company is GemTre that produces high-end precious stones and jewelry within affordable prices. 

GemTre also provides experts who are a maestro in the field of astrology. One can refer to these professionals for astrological assessment as well as their remedies for their future. To get the contacts of these professionals, you can visit their website or directly email them about your requirements. GemTre has all its services as well as products listed on its website, along with a few useful blogs. These blogs are quite informative about the benefits of gemstones like ruby and yellow sapphire along with other related topics.

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