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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

According to the Hindu scriptures, yellow sapphire is one of the most auspicious and beneficial gemstones among the Navratnas. Another name of this stone is Pukhraj, and this stones claims a significant p[lace in the world of astrology.

According to the Hindu scriptures, yellow sapphire is one of the most auspicious and beneficial gemstones among the Navratnas. Another name of this stone is Pukhraj, and this stones claims a significant p[lace in the world of astrology. Due to its high demand and usefulness, pukhraj price in Delhi is always higher than the other gemstones.

What Are The Benefits Of Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj? The most common yellow sapphire benefits are:

  • The gemstone protects the wearer from all sorts of troubles and evil effects. It also helps to bring happiness and stability in the marital lives of the wearers.

  • The gemstones help to increase rationality in the person, thereby improving the person to take logical and correct decisions in life.

  • Pukhraj is also known for its healing powers as it helps in the treatment of different body ailments related to kidneys, cough, fever, rheumatism, etc.

  • Many professionals believe that this gemstone can save their wearers from accidental deaths and incidents.

  • The yellow sapphire is also famous for its ability to impart wisdom, courage and peace to its wearers.

  • The yellow sapphire astrological benefits also include its power to strengthen one's capability to handle ambiguous situations. This way, the stone paves the pathway of the person towards their desired goals without any hassles.

  • The gemstone is also known to regulate the normal functioning of the circulatory system in the human body.

Other than these benefits, many people believe in having attained spiritual solace with regular use of this gemstone.

How to identify original yellow sapphire?

ource: https://www.wikihow.com/images/thumb/f/f6/Check-Yellow-Sapphire-Step-8.jpg/aid2317646-v4-728px-Check-Yellow-Sapphire-Step-8.jpg

Due to the availability of so many kinds of products in the market, it is quite challenging to differentiate between the real and the counterfeit gemstones. However, in the case of yellow sapphire, there are few ways to check the authenticity of the gemstone, which are:

  • In most cases, the fake ones are manufactured from pieces of glasses. Hence, to check whether the gemstone is original or not, one can compare the gem with the glass and look for tiny bubbles inside.

  • One can look for the presence of scratches within the stone to identify the original one from the fake one.

  • One can also check the gemstone under 10 X magnification to determine whether the stone is real or not.

  • Lastly, one can resort to a professional who can guide the person to identify the real ones from the fake objects.

Which yellow sapphire is best? To experience the maximum benefits from a yellow sapphire, one needs to choose the stone for him carefully. The Ceylon sapphire is quite famous for its Pukhraj benefits across the globe. This variety of sapphire is considered to be the best one for astrological uses. Such a unique quality sapphire would have a lemony touch to its color and feel heavy when held in the palm.

How to use a yellow sapphire? The wearer must know the details of the gemstones and their benefits as well as their side effects. The advantages of yellow sapphire depend on several factors like the position of the stone, quality and the day when the person wore it.

However, often people confuse about yellow sapphire wear in which finger. In such cases, it is judicious to refer to a professional who can guide you through the details of such gemstones.

Source:- https://www.gemstoneuniverse.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/article-3.jpg

Generally, the rule is that the men wear the yellow sapphire on the index finger of his right hand. The women, on the other hand, wear the stone in the ring finger of her left hand.

As yellow sapphire is one of the unique navratna gemstones; hence, it is quite challenging to get the pure form within affordable prices. Often people struggle to find the appropriate Pukhraj price in Delhi.

But not anymore as a renowned company named GemTre provides the most beautiful gemstones in the market with a reasonable price range. The company is famous for its high-end products along with their excellent customer support service. One can even refer to the online blogs of GemTre to know more about their services and the gemstones available in the market.

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