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Updated: Mar 23

It is well-known that ‘Diamonds are woman’s best friends.” But the diamond is also a precious gemstone. As considered, diamonds are one of the most beautiful, finest, rarest and precious stones. The characteristic which makes it more adorable is its hardness. The main chemical component of it is Carbon. Venus is the ruling planet of this stone.

These are found within the earth’s crust. Diamonds are the mined pieces of carbon and are a status of love, wealth. Diamonds are formed by nature and are found approximately 150-200kms beneath the surface of the earth. The main characteristics of a diamond are it’s Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat.

CUT: A diamond's beauty is determined by its cut, which reflects the light. It should not be too deep or flat and cut in perfect symmetry. The facets need to align perfectly to maximise their sparkle.

COLOUR: The brilliance is also defined by the diamond’s colour. They should either be transparent or uniformly coloured.

CLARITY: Just like the perfect cut, a diamond should also have utmost clarity. Their beauty is also defined based on how much clarity it possesses.

CARAT: The last prominent feature is the diamond’s Carat - which refers to the weight of a diamond. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Even a fraction of difference in carat can make a considerable difference in its monetary value.

Russia and Australia are the highest producers of diamonds.

Who should wear diamond.?

Generally, diamonds are worn by many people as jewellery irrespective of their ascendant. But the ascendants who need to wear diamond as their gemstone are Virgo and Libra as it is their birthstone and it also brings luck, happiness, health and wealth in their life.

Excluding these,

Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn and Aquarius can wear diamond as a gemstone.

Why should one wear a diamond?

Diamond is said to be one of the blessed stone having divine powers. It benefits its wearer with love, luxury and charm of Life. It also brings luck to its wearer.

Benefits of wearing a diamond:

1. Improves your confidence.

2. Helps to socialize and express themselves well.

3. It brings good health to its wearer.

4. It removes the negativity from thoughts.

5. It helps the wearer to by protecting them from evil spirits.

6. It helps in controlling overthinking, anxiety, bad temper and nervousness.

How should one wear a diamond.?

· Diamond is worn in the middle finger on Friday.

· Ring should be made of Silver or any white metal alloys like white Gold and Platinum.

· Astrological Diamond should not have surface Cracks, cavities and major black inclusions.

· One should not wear Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) and Red Coral (Moonga) along with the astrological Diamond unless specifically recommended by an expert astrologer.

· Put the stone in milk, Ganga Jal.

· Chant the matra: “Om DraamDreemDroum Sah ShukrayeeNamah.”

Gem certification:

GIA examines the diamond, assesses its qualities based on the 4Cs, and describes it. It does not certify the diamond or its value. Rather, like other scientific laboratories, GIA issues a report on the results of its evaluation of a particular diamond and believes “report” is the appropriate term to describe its grading results.

Gemtre, we have a speciality in selling astrological gemstones. Each bit of Diamond is pure and marketed by us in trying in a Government Testing Lab. Every gemstone is sold alongside a Certificate that incorporates distinctions like shape, cut, measurements and name of the gemstone. We only sell Lab affirmed gemstones marketed by GJEPC, IDGL, IGI.

We provide our precious and natural diamond gem at a price of 3,250/-

We also provide free astrological and gemological consultations. For further details or to buy our product online visit our website gemtre.in

We wish our gemstones bring positivity in your life.

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