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Glow more with tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, a small tree native to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. Although Melaleuca alternifolia is known as the tea tree, it is not the plant that produces leaves which are used to make black, green and long tea. Tea tree oil has been used as traditional medicine by Aborigines for centuries. These native Australians crush tea tree leaves to extract the oil, which is then inhaled to treat coughs and colds or applied directly to the skin for healing.

Today, tea tree oil is widely available as a 100% undiluted or “neat” oil. Diluted forms are also available. Tea tree oil contains a number of compounds, including terpinene-4-oil, that have been shown to kill certain bacteria, viruses and fungi. Terpinene-4-oil also helps to increase the activity of your white blood cells, which help fight germs and other foreign invaders.

These germ-fighting properties make tea tree oil a valued natural remedy for treating bacterial and fungal skin conditions, preventing infection and promoting healing.

Benefits of tea tree oil:

1. Hand Sanitizer

2. Insect Repellent

3. Natural Deodorant

4. Antiseptic for Minor Cuts and Scrapes

5. Healing

6. Fight Acne

7. Get Rid of Nail Fungus

8. Chemical-Free Mouthwash

9. All-Purpose Cleaner

10. Soothe Skin Inflammation

11. Control Dandruff

12. Treat Athlete’s Foot

13. Banish Mould on Fruits and Vegetables

14. Relieve Psoriasis

Cautions When Using Tea Tree Oil

· Tea tree oil is safe overall.

However, there are some things to be aware of before using it.

1. Tea tree oil should not be ingested because it may be toxic if swallowed.

2. Tea tree oil should be stored out of reach of children.

3. Prior to using tea tree oil for the first time, test a drop or two on a small area of your skin and wait 24 hours to see if any reaction occurs.

This is important because some individuals who use tea tree oil develop contact dermatitis, one of the conditions tea tree oil may help treat.

4. People with sensitive skin may experience irritation when using undiluted tea tree oil.

5. If your skin is sensitive, it’s best to mix tea tree oil with an equal or greater amount of olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil.

6. Using tea tree oil in pets may not be safe. Researchers reported that more than 400 dogs and cats developed tremors and other nervous system problems after receiving between 0.1–85 mL of tea tree oil on the skin or orally.


Although tea tree oil is generally safe when used on adults’ skin, allergic reactions may occur in some people. Tea tree oil may be unsafe for young children and pets.

It’s an inexpensive natural alternative to chemical-based skin and nail treatments, personal care products and disinfectants, among other things.

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