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Gomti chakra is found in Gomti River in Gujrat and is a very rare and spiritual product in the form of a shell stone.

Gomti chakra is found in Gomti River in Gujrat and is a very rare and spiritual product in the form of a shell stone. It resembles the Divine weapon of Lord Krishna- The Sudarshan Chakra so it is also known as the Sudarshan Chakra. The Chakra is believed to bring luck and is specially used in spiritual and tantrik rituals. Gomti Chakras are wrapped in red cloth and kept in lockers or cash box to ensure the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi who is known as the goddess of wealth. It is believed that the one who possess Gomati Chakra is blessed with good health, money and prosperity. Benefits of Gomti Chakra:

  • Used in Tantra and Mantra

  • Has special powers because of which many Jain Sadhus & Sadhviji use it as special Yantra during pooja

  • Brings prosperity and happiness

  • Protects from evil effects

  • Helps cure diseases

  • Endows peace of mind

  • Increases consciousness

In the term 'Gomati Chakra', Gomati alludes Gomati River and the Chakra alludes the War-quoit.The shell is also known as the Cat's eye shell, Naag-Chakra or Cow's Eye shell. Gomati Chakras are considered as the mainstream solutions for many issues that most of the people struggle with in their daily life.

Ways to use Gomti Chakra along with benefits:

  • 11 Gomati Chakras are buried inthe Foundation of the Building to bless the residents with long life andprosperity. It also negates the evil effectof Vastu Dosha caused in South-East direction.

  • Keeping 11 Gomati Chakras in a container of vermillion (red sindoor) at home makes the peace and happiness stay in the family.

  • Keeping an even number of Gomati chakras in wallet to make your luck shine bright on you.

  • Take 11 Gomati chakras, and perform a pooja by chanting 108 mantras of your Kuldevta or the god you have faith in with 3 coconuts. Then tie these with a pure yellow cloth and hand it towards your house entrance. This will nullify the impacts of someone's negative energy on your business and is a good remedy to fix your business issues.

  • In case of any harm done by the enemy, throw 6 Gomati Chakras tied in black cloth on Amavasya in a flowing river after rotating it 7 times both clockwise and anti-clockwise around yourself and your family members. This will neutralize the any harmful effects.

  • Offering 21 Gomati Chakras to Lord Shive Temple will remove the hurdles from the path of those who aspire for promotion.

  • If your children as continuously living under fear and are afraid to tell anything. On every Tuesday, take one Gomti Chakra and purify it with hanuman mantra and Ganga Jal. Apply a vermillion tilak taken from the right-hand shoulder of Lord Hanuman's idol and tie it in a red cloth. Tie this Gomati Chakra around your Children's neck using a black thread.

  • You can carry 3 Gomati Chakras in your pocket when you attend an interview or go to do some business deal to get success.

Those people who possess Gomti Chakra are blessed withmoney, good health and prosperity and it also protects children from evil.In some regions, eleven Gomti Chakras are wrapped in a red cloth andplaced in rice or wheat containers for food security. According toscriptures Gomati Chakra is a rare natural product, a form of shell stone,and is found in Gomti River in Dwarka, Gujarat in India. It is believed tobring luck and is used in spiritual activities.Some people hang it infront of the shops, house and buildings for prosperity and peace. In someregion, this sacred symbol is worshipped on the Diwali along withGoddess Lakshmi. Gomti Chakra is available in pure form only in GomatiRiver and if you wish to buy Gomati Chakra, make sure that you are buying only the pure and natural.

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