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Almost every gemstone is unique and powerful in its own way. Labradorite is considered the most powerful guardian of the mineral kingdom.

Almost every gemstone is unique and powerful in its own way. Labradorite is considered the most powerful guardian of the mineral kingdom. It creates a shielding force throughout the aura and strengthens natural energies from within. Labradorite is a useful companion in modification, imparting strength and perseverance. Labradorite is a type of feldspar of gorgeous blue, grey, green, or yellow color or a combination and shows a Physical Phenomenon called Labradorescence.

The power of Labradorite:

  • It is helpful in balancing and protecting the aura. It raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies.

  • It is excellent for strengthening intuition and promotes psychic abilities.

  • Allows the wearer to see through illusions and brings insights.

  • Soothes emotional instability and stress by stabilizing the emotions and providing the calmness.

  • Raises the consciousness and keeps the spiritual energy well-grounded within the body.

  • The iridescent mineral rock is referred to as the "Temple of Stars".

  • Workplace gemstone that attracts the best in the person and makes the work life quite friendly.

The Labradorite Chakra:

  • Labradorite is an extremely spiritual iridescent mineral rock that works to increase the connections between the physical and ethereal, which is what is meant by Labradorite. Its powers are beneficial in Labradorite Chakra.

  • Using Labradorite Chakra enhances and strengthens the spiritual growth.

The life changing Rainbow Moonstone:

  • There is a variety of Labradorite, but still it is known as the rainbow moonstone in the trade.

  • Ideal for cleansing the negative energy in the space around you like living spaces and common areas.

  • Used for self-healing and is rinsed under running water for 3-4minutes immediately after the session to cleanse it..

The origin of Labradorite:

  • Found in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.

  • It is fine with a quick rinse in running water. But it will deteriorate if placed in any pool.

  • These uncommon anorthosite bodies are composed almost entirely of labradorite.

  • Grey type Labradorite is widely known whereas black Labradorite is priceless and are few.

The History of Labradorite:

  • Sanidine is feldspar mineral that includes Adularescence gems called moonstones.

  • Labradorite was discovered in the late 1700s in Labrador, Canada.

  • After the discovery, the deposits are noted in Finland, Russia, Australia, Mexico, U.S. and Madagascar.

  • According to Eskimo Indian Legend, The Beautiful Northern Lights were freed from Labradorite.

How to use Labradorite:

  • Always wash the stone after using.

  • Use soapy water and a soft cloth to clean.

  • Make sure that no soapy residue is left on the stone.

  • Like many other gemstones, ultrasonic cleansers and steamers are not recommended for cleansing Labradorite.

  • Always remove jewellery or other gemstones before exercising, cleansing or engaging in harsh physical activities such as sports.

Labradorite is the natural birthstone of February and March so if you are born in these months, you can have all the benefits. Study the above given data and know about what exactly you are wearing, how powerful it is and how you should use it. But keeping in mind its amazing power, it is recommended not to wear this stone without consulting an astrologer.

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