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Emerald, also known as Panna gemstone, is extremely beautiful and powerful. It is also regarded as the ‘stone of successful love’ and sometimes called as green stone because of its enchanting green shade. The surprising thing is that it can also be found in colors like red and white because of the presence of chromium. Though it comes in different shades, the green is the most popular among all of them and emerald stone jewellery is loved by most of the girls.

Before jumping onto the list of panna stone benefits, you should know that this stone is a powerful one and not everyone can wear it. So, before buying this beautiful piece of panna gemstone go through the list of:

People who cannot wear a panna:

  • people with allergies

  • people with negative Budhh

  • people who lie or become false witnesses

  • people who turn small issues into big problems

  • people whose stuff keeps getting stolen

  • people with strong brain and sharp memory

  • people who are good at focusing and concentrating

  • descendants ruled by Mars

Who can wear panna stone:

Emerald Birthstone: The people who are born in the month of May can wear this beautiful green colored stone without any worries. Emerald is the birthstone of May. Talking about the gemstones according to the zodiac signs, mercury is the ruling planet of Emerald. As, the Gemini and Virgo are ruled by the planet mercury so, the people born between 21st May to 20th June and 21st August to 20th September can wear emerald gemstone.

10 Superpowers of Wearing Emerald Gemstone

1. Stone Helpful in Studies

Panna serves as the best stone for children who are poor in studies because of lack of concentration or poor grasping power. It gives the child the ability to focus and learn. On the other hand, this stone is also beneficial for the student who work hard but end up with poor marks in exams. Panna gem enhances the intelligence and improves your child’s performance in exams.

Emerald gemstone is the answer to the worries of mothers who want their children to be the best in studies. If you are one of them, you should jump off your bed and buy an emerald gemstone from the best gemstone shop in Delhi. The quality of gemstones matters because its powers are dependent on the originality of the stone.

2. Improves Communication

The stone helps the wearer to express his thoughts and communicate in a better way. Because of the reason that it helps in better communication, it is also known as the stone of communication. It can help managers, leaders, public speakers and team leaders to attain success in life by giving them the power to express themselves freely.

Other than these panna stone benefits, it also endows the wearer with good power and vibes which have a great effect on the spectator. This makes the stone beneficial for the people who are going for an interview as it gives a positive feeling about you to the person sitting in front of you.

3. Beneficial for people working in the field of art

There is a large variety of gemstones and among all of them emerald is perfect for people who work in the field of art. The people who are planning to make a career in the field of music, fashion designing, interior designing, painting etc., should wear panna gemstone as it enhances the power of the planet mercury and helps the wearer in getting new ideas and inventing new things.

This is the stone to beat your competition as it makes your thinking stand out of the crowd which makes it the one stone for the people who need a creative and innovative mind to excel in their respective field.

4. Amazing healing powers

Emerald is the stone for health as it has amazing healing powers. It helps the person suffering from respiratory diseases, skin related problems, allergies and skin related problems. Apart from its benefits for people suffering from these diseases, the people who have speech difficulties can also wear this to improve their disability.

On the whole, it is a wonderful stone for healing purposes as it improves the overall blood circulation in the body which can be considered as the reason for emerald gemstones health benefits. But before buying it, consult only the best astrologer in Delhi NCR or any region you are living in as it should be worn only when recommended.

5. Unbreakable protection

This stone is considered very powerful in astrology. According to Vedic Astrology, Emerald stone is a great protector. It protects the wearer from the enemies who try to device bad strategies against them. It keeps the people with negative energies away from you so as to protect you good vibes and positive mindset. It ensures that the people who always try to oppose you can never succeed in harming you.

The best part is always the beauty, you can wear it in a ring or a bracelet or as any form of jewellery in order to get its benefits. It is on the other hand advised that one should wear it in gold metal.

6. Benefits of Stone for businessman

Panna protects you from the fraud people and reduces the chances of cheatings. It helps in business as it reduces the chances of loses to a great extent in the beginning and shuns it with time. Business is always about ups and downs, but this stone helps the wearer to strongly face the challenges and come out of them as soon as possible.

Panna Gemstone is also beneficial in removing the pain from the heart and helps in increasing the intuition power. It enables you to take the right decisions which always remain at the top of all business responsibilities.

7. Benefits of Stone for peaceful life

Emerald gemstone is a great peacemaker. It enhances the smooth flow of love among the family members. It brings harmony and peace in the married life by removing the hurdles that come in between you, your understanding and happiness. It nullifies the negative effects of nightmares and evil spirits which eventually brings peace to the mind. The people with light brains and peace filled hearts are able to lead a harmonious life and live peacefully with their families.

If you want the gemstone to work for you, make sure you buy the real quality gemstone from the best gemstone shop in Delhi. This is crucial to understand the importance of gemstones and that too of the real ones because only they are the ones that are going to give you benefits.

8. Benefits of Stone for retaining wealth

Emerald is believed to have mystical powers that help in retaining wealth and bring fortune to the wearer. It enhances the memory and brings wisdom to the wearer which in turn helps the wearer in doing good in business and other fields.

It is also said that the emerald stone changes colors when false friends are around the wearer. This helps the wearer to differentiate between the friends and the foes resulting in making the right decisions, especially in business which generates profit and brings fortune. It protects the wearer from different health problems which becomes the cause of outflow of money in most of the cases thus retaining wealth to the wearer.

9. Benefits of Stone for couples

Emerald is the stone that binds you to positivity. Considered one of the powerful gemstones, emerald is believed to enhance the faithfulness among the couple. It serves best when the couple gift it to one another. You can also say that it serves as the best gift for couples.

It increases the trust between the two people, giving rise to more respect and love thus making the marriage a happy bond that is based on amazing good things. If you are taking it as a gift for your loved one, consult an astrologer first and then buy it without any second thoughts as it also has amazing health benefits.

10. Benefits of Stone for pregnant woman

Panna stone is believed to be very much beneficial for the pregnant women. It is believed to reduce the stress when the time of delivery is near. On the other hand, it is also helpful in regulating the blood circulation of the mother.

When worn by a pregnant woman, the stone also reduced the pain at the labor-time and proves to be very much helpful for the women who are giving birth.

If you buy panna from the best gemstone shop in Delhi or anyone that is best in your area, you can get all the advantages from the list of panna stone benefits that is given above. Make sure you are buying the right quality and paying the right panna stone price in Delhi. Also, before jumping onto conclusions in case the stone doesn’t seem like working for you, get your stone checked for authenticity from a certified jeweler.

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