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Before knowing this, let’s get detailed about rudraksha.

Rudraksha is a Sanskrit compound word consisting of Rudra and aksha. Rudra is one of the shiva’s Vedic names and Aksha means 'teardrops'. Thus defined, the name means "Lord Rudra's teardrops". Rudraksha seeds are actually not stones, they still give powerful vibrations that differs depending on the type. The different types are called “Mukhi” which means face. They are based on the number of lines that differentiate from the center or face. Rudraksha beads naturally form within the fruits that grow on Rudraksha trees (Elaeocarpus) and can form in many different colours including white, red, brown, yellow, and black, although brown is the most common. These trees grow naturally in the wild forests and are found in India, Indonesia, New Guinea, Australia, Guam, Hawaii, and the South-Eastern Asian Islands. The Rudraksha from the Himalayas are said to be the most powerful and hold the most energy as they gather nutrients from the holy land and rivers within the Himalayas.

All Rudraksha beads symbolize Divine power and its connection with the physical world. Through this link they bring about a better understanding of the link between God and humans, allowing one to resonate with vibrations of prosperity, fulfilment, wealth, and increased vitality. They boost spiritual energy, stability in meditation and elimination of negative energy. These traits are common across Rudraksha of all Mukhis and similarly to variations of different stones, each one adds its own different abilities.

They display ranging from 1-21. Beads.

· 1-14 Mukhis are the most common and those from 4-6 are specifically the most abundant.

· The beads that range from 15-21 Mukis are the rarest as they grow less frequently every year and hold immense power.

· Extremely rare Rudraksha of 22-42 Mukhis are also said to exist but are so rare that only a select few people have them or know where they can be found.

Nepali Rudraksha are larger seed and have clear mukhis with several projections.

Scientifically there is no difference between the two varieties. They both give the same results.

Marriage and relationships are one of the most important aspects of life. There is no issue if everything is smooth but, if that is not the case then rudraksha will help you to sort out those things.

The rudrakshas which can bring change in the tough situation of your marital life or relationships are:

1. Two Mukhi: This rudraksha helps you in increasing the chances of getting married soon if it is being delayed. It can be carried by the unmarried individuals to eradicate the troubles in delayed marriages.

2. Gauri Shankar: This rudraksha represents love as even the name says all about it. It improves the harmony in marital life as well as with your family and friends.

3. Four Mukhi: There are few planets which cause negative effects in your family life. This rudraksha helps you to lead a happy married life and helps you to spread the love by encouraging and understanding your loved ones.

4. Six Mukhi: This is one of the powerful rudraksha which can help in strengthening the bonds and also unmarried people ger married soon by using this.

5. Thirteen Mukhi: It helps in improving calmness and peace while helping to lower your aggressiveness and enhancing your love with your partners.

6. Fifteen Mukhi: If you are in pain or had a heartbreak then fifteen Mukhi rudraksha will help you in recovering and healing yourself and soothes you from the pain.

How to wear Rudraksha?

1. There are no side effects of rudraksha.

2. Do not wear a Rudraksha to a hospital or a crematorium centre as there are mixed energies present in the surrounding which may damage the Rudraksha.

3. There is no restriction on food and drinks for the wearer of Rudraksha.

4. Apply oil the Rudraksha once a week to prevent it from dehydrating.

5. It can be worn in any form (chains, bracelets, rings etc.,)

6. Take precaution you don’t buy a fake one.

7. Have your faith and belief in Lord Shiva and chant “Om Namah Shivaya” to make Rudraksha an effective one.

Gemtre, we suggest you follow the above-said things to gain positive and healthy benefits.

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We wish our information and products bring positive changes in your life.

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