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Vedic Remedies for Mental Health issues- Gemtre

First, let us study what is mental health and illness.

We all know what is physical health, similarly, we have mental health which includes emotional, psychological and socializing. When a person goes through any stress, pain or a difficult situation or incidents which his mind and heart cannot withstand he/she undergo anxiety and depression which are meant to be a mental illness and its stages can vary from person to person. Generally, everyone needs help during this tough phase as they need someone with whom they can easily share their heart out.

Its signs are always not the same. There are different kind of symptoms that can help us recognise that a certain person is suffering from mental illness. We can find a lot of changes in their behaviour and work.

Some of them are:

Imbalance in diet and sleep, staying away from socializing, being in a low mood, feeling emotionless, hopelessness, addictive habits, getting upset easily, being irritated for small things, yelling at people, severe mood swings, always angry and scared, always lost in thoughts, experiencing hallucination thoughts of harming yourself or anyone else.

Various astrologers and scholars have described that vedic remedies can bring you out of mental illness and help you to restart your life.

In ancient times people believed that moon is interlinked to mental health i.e., moon and our mind have some connection. The time period of the moon and the stages of a mentally ill patient are directly proportional.

In horoscope there is a division called ‘dasa’ which means ‘time period’ in everyone’s birth chart which is related to sun, moon and other planets which decides the good and bad effects of one’s life. In horoscope, moon represents the mind, mercury stands for thinking, Jupiter stands for wisdom, maturity and knowledge. If these three planets can be strengthened according stage of the illness of a person then that person can be easily recovered from all the issues and will get the strength to face the issues and come out of it.

After improving the mental health, it helps the person to realize their potential, face their issues and stress, can socialize easily, staying positive, having a balance diet and sleep, physically activeand staying positive.

According to vedic astrology there are also other methods to handle the mental health of a person.

They are:

1. Drink water in a silver glass and wear silver metal. This will help the moon in your birth chart to strengthen and will help to stable your mind and thoughts.

2. Fast on Mondaysand worship Lord shiva with devotion. This will help you to increase your focus and concentration on the work you do.

3. Wear pearl stone/ moon stone. This will help you to coordinate with your moon and have a good relation with it so that you can easily get out of the issues you are facing.

4. Chant Shiva mantra as he is known as the supreme abode who can bring you out of any situation and also, he carries moon on his head so it will help you in becoming calm and peaceful.

5. Perform yoga mainly pranayama which is a kind of meditation which will help you to deal with depression, anxiety, stress, anger and frustration. It also helps you to stable your mind and have control over your thoughts.

Gemtre suggests you to help and take help during these tough times. The methods we described would be helpful for you to come out of your stressful days. In order to recover fast, along with these methods consult your doctor and take treatment according to his prescription.

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We wish our information would bring positive results in your life.

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