Ganesh Rudraksha is the rudraksha known for its effective power and look. The ruling God of this Rudraksha is Lord Ganesha, the Vighna Harta, who removes all obstacles and difficulties, and its ruling planet is Rahu. The wearer not only gets success in every endeavor by the blessings of Ganpati Bappa. It also gets the strength and courage to face adversities and challenges in life, the wearer of this Ganesh Rudraksha. It also increases the stability and peace of mind, which helps the worshipper/wearer of this sacred bead remain calm and self-possessed. It bestows an extra slice of luck, a fortune that results in a better, healthier, and more prosperous life. Anyone who desires name, fame, and leadership qualities, should wear the Ganesh Rudraksha. This sacred bead is also very beneficial for businessmen, stockers, and investors.


This Ganesh Rudraksha is wearer by people all over the world and this Rudraksha is the symbol of Lord Ganesha and revolved among other genres of rudrakshas available in this world. If you seek the most prosperous, healthy and peaceful life, then you can wear this rudraksha on a regular basis and gets the benefit of it. A person who wears this Ganesh rudraksha and does pooja of Lord Ganesha will gets the maximum powers and benefits of this rudraksha. Lord Ganesha helps in getting the goal of your life and also helps in achieving it. The wearer can wear this bead in different sizes and in different way as they feel to wear it. This Ganesh Rudraksha is known for bringing good luck in the life of the wearer. You can also keep this Ganesh rudraksha in your MANDIR to get the positive effect of this rudraksha.


Experts in rudrakshas particularly recommend this Rudraksha for those who suffer from heart problems, headache and eye health problems. Wearer believes in the power of this rudraksha as a symbol of Lord Ganesha. The wearer of this rudraksha gets more and more benefits as they win their senses and get an array of benefits in their routine life. You may seek how to destroy your past karma and sins on the whole, after wearing this rudraksha. You can prefer and wear this Ganesha rudraksha hereafter and you will get the most expected support to be happy throughout your life and attain the liberation at the end of your life as you have expected.


Ganesh Nepali Rudraksha Pendants

Color: Brown
    • It purifies the surroundings and brings in positivity. It connects to our mother Earth.
    • It protects you from the malefic effects of Venus It removes laziness and dull behaviour.
    • It brings stamina and balance to life.
    • Six Mukhi Rudraksha is helpful for gaining Wisdom, and Improve Power of Expression, When worn with 4 Mukhi Rudraksha, this bead proves to be a boon for students to achieve academic excellence.
    • Six Mukhi Rudraksha increases Willpower, and helps to Please Laxmi Mata, Considerable improvement in focus and concentration abilities is noticed after wearing Six Face Rudraksha.
    • Six Face Rudraksha helps control anger, aggression, and instability in the wearer’s life.
    • The wearer of Six Mukhi Rudraksha influences easily the group of people or boosts oratory skills.
    • Six Mukhi Rudraksha is good for eyes, useful for diseases of the mouth, urinary problems, neck related diseases, dropsy, sexual diseases, cancer, organ failure, mental diseases, speech defects like stammering.
    • Pains related to muscles, bones, and joints are cured by Six Mukhi Rudraksha.
    • Six Mukhi Rudraksha helps in pregnancy and issue related problems or sex-related problems and works wonders for arthritis patients.

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