* Gomati Chakra Tree is a rare natural product, a form of shell stone, and is found in Gomti River in Dwarka, Gujarat in India.

* It is believed to bring luck and is used in spiritual and Tantric rituals.

* It is believed that those people who possess Gomti Chakra Tree will be blessed with money, good health and prosperity.

Gomti chakra is found in Gomti River in Gujrat and is a very rare and spiritual product in the form of a shell stone. It resembles the Divine weapon of Lord Krishna- The Sudarshan Chakra so it is also known as the Sudarshan Chakra. The Chakra is believed to bring luck and is specially used in spiritual and tantrik rituals. Gomti Chakras are wrapped in red cloth and kept in lockers or cash box to ensure the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi who is known as the goddess of wealth. It is believed that the one who possess Gomati Chakra is blessed with good health, money and prosperity.

Gomti Chakra

Color: White
    • Used in Tantra and Mantra
    • Has special powers because of which many Jain Sadhus & Sadhviji use it as special Yantra during pooja
    • Brings prosperity and happiness
    • Protects from evil effects
    • Helps cure diseases

    PRODUCT  Made in INDIA

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