Certified Natural

Navrattan Precious Gemstones

Navratna gemstones are a combination of nine precious gemstones. Navarattna is a Sanskrit word which means “nine gems” or “ratnas”. The Nine Navratna Precious Gemstones are representative of all the Planets, The Sun, The Moon. Rashi Ratn as known in Hindi is actually as per astrological guidance by astrologers. 

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Each Navratna Precious Gemstone is related to certain Planet and each has remarkable benefits. Rashi Ratn can be worn by an individual of any Age, Gender or Religion. Rashi Ratn is as per your zodiac or as told by astrologers.

We have an expert team of Astrologer & Gemologist to guide you astrologically. Always consult an expert Astrologer or Numerologist before wearing any gemstone.

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