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Benefits with Blue Topaz are as vast as the Blue Sky -Gemtre

Blue Topaz is a crystal made of silicate mineral which mainly consists of aluminium and fluorine. It is one of the hardest minerals which are formed on the earth. Its hardness and the transparency make this mineral as one of the best-cut gemstones for jewellery and carving. The regular colour of topaz is brown to red. But there are also several variations in colours like wine red, grey, orange, green, pink and transparent. Basically, the pink and red colours of opaque are quite rare as they form by replacing aluminium with chromium.

Blue topaz stone is called “the state gemstone of Texas” in the US. This natural Blue Topaz is quite rare. The other colours of topaz are highly heated in order to get the colour of blue. Even if Blue Topaz has a good number on its hardness it must be treated with good care because of its weak bonding with its atoms which are composed of carbon. This can break the stone if great force is applied to it.

Who should wear Blue Topaz?

Blue Topaz can be worn by the Taurus ascendant as it is considered to be their birthstone. This Blue Topaz can be used as a substitute for the Blue Sapphire. Not only the ascendant but also people of any kind of profession and anyone in whose birth chart Saturn is placed in the 3rd position can wear this Blue topaz as it relieves the wearer from the bad effects of Saturn.

Why should one wear Blue Topaz?

Blue Topaz provides you with the courage, it removes the timidness within you while providing good and peaceful health to your body and mind as well. It helps in becoming rich, wise and calm by nature.

Benefits of Blue Topaz:

1. It helps in improving communication.

2. It helps in expressing oneself.

3. It helps you to become peaceful and calm by nature.

4. It helps in improving mental stability.

5. It helps in improving and aiding health.

6. It helps in becoming wise and gaining knowledge.

How should one use Blue Topaz?

· See that the stone touches your skin.

· It should be worn on Thursday early morning or evening.

· It should be worn on the Index finger of the Right hand.

· It can be worn in Silver or Gold metal.

· Before wearing the stone immerse it in turmeric water or cow milk or Ganga Jal for 10 minutes.

· Chant mantra: Any mantra of Lord Vishnu.

Gemtre provides you with 2 products made with natural Blue Topaz. Here is their description along with their price.

1. Blue Topaz: Blue topaz stimulates the throat chakra, cleansing and supporting the spoken word and self-expression. In crystal healing Topaz is best known for its manifesting properties, it is a crystal of joy, generosity, abundance and good health. Blue Topaz brings truth and wisdom; it aids in clear communication. It is provided at a price of 200/-

2. Blue Topaz Bracelet: It helps in providing inner peace, mental stability and balances the Thyroid gland. It has distinct energy for strengthening psychic gifts, so it helps in improving and amplifying the gifts that you already possess. It has the ability to get tuned with the angels of truth and wisdom very easily. So, it helps during meditation to connect with your inner self. It is provided at a price of 600/-

Gem Certification:

We have a speciality in selling astrological gemstones. Each bit of Blue Topaz stone marketed by us is tried in a Government Testing Lab. Every gemstone is sold alongside a Certificate that incorporates distinctions like shape, cut, measurements weight and name of the gemstone. We only sell lab affirmed gemstones marketed by GJEPC, IDGL, IGI.

We provide Blue Topaz products at a price of 200/- and 600/- which vary on kind of product you choose.

We also provide free astrological and gemstones consultation. To buy our product or refer further visit our website gemtre.in.

We wish our Gemstones fill your life with full of positivity.!


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