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“Rudraksha for your Protection.”

Rudraksha is a Sanskrit compound word consisting of Rudra and aksha. Rudra is one of shiva’s vedic names and Aksha means 'teardrops'. Thus defined, the name means "Lord Rudra's teardrops".

Rudraksha beads naturally form within the fruits that grow on Rudraksha trees (Elaeocarpus) and can form in many different colours including white, red, brown, yellow, and black, although brown is the most common. These trees grow naturally in the wild forests and are found in India, Indonesia, New Guinea, Australia, Guam, Hawaii, and the South Eastern Asian Islands. The Rudraksha from the Himalayas are said to be the most powerful and hold the most energy as they gather nutrients from the holy land and rivers within the Himalayas.

Rudraksha seeds are actually not stones, they still give powerful vibrations that differs depending on type. The different types are called “Mukhi” which means face.They are based on the number of lines that differentiate from thecenter or face.

They display ranging from 1-21. Beads.

· 1-14 Mukhis are the most common and those from 4-6 are specifically the most abundant.

· The beads that range from 15-21 Mukis are the rarest as they grow less frequently every year and hold immense power.

· Extremely rare Rudraksha of 22-42 Mukhis are also said to exist but are so rare that only a select few people have them or know where they can be found.

All Rudraksha beads symbolize Divine power and its connection with the physical world. Through this link they bring about a better understanding of the link between God and humans, allowing one to resonate with vibrations of prosperity, fulfilment, wealth, and increased vitality. They boost spiritual energy, stability in meditation and elimination of negative energy. These traits are common across Rudraksha of all Mukhis and similarly to variations of different stones each one adds its own different abilities.

Examples of the benefits given by mukhis:

1. One MukhiRudraksha is the face of truth, ruled by the Sun. Its energies are significant in beginning new spiritual evolutions, bringing about enlightenment and revelations. These beads radiate with a warm yet piercing light that greatly boosts confidence, creativity, and leadership abilities. One Mukhis aid in controlling anger and are excellent healers of physical issues of the heart, diabetes, and blood pressure.

2. Two MukhiRudraksha represents unity and duality - the link between the father and son, the teacher and student, the parents and children, the Sun and Moon. Ruled by the Moon. Two Mukhis are very beneficial for overcoming any emotional issues and are especially helpful to those who are having problems in any type of relationship whether it be in marriage, family, work, or friendship.

3. Three Mukhi carries the energy of the trinity, the triforce of creation and being. Ruled by the planet Mars, it is extremely useful in finding the endurance and strength to carry out one’s will. It purifies all negativity, especially from the past, and breaks down the walls of restraint that often block us from creative evolution.

4. Four Mukhi Rudraksha carries with it the essence of both infinite knowledge and creativity. It is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Mercury. Wearing Four Mukhi beads increases concentration, insight, and understanding so that one may learn new things quickly and immediately apply them to their life.

5. Five Mukhi is the most common and abundant of all Rudraksha beads, giving off energies of balance and self-control. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter and therefore removes its malefic attributes, helping one to maintain balance. Keeping these instincts under control allows one to keep a clear and focused mindand spiritual development. It is said that those who wear these beads will never suffer an unexpected death.

What are Nepali Rudraksha.?

Nepali Rudraksha are larger seed and have clear mukhis with several projections. Scientifically there is no difference between the two varieties. They both give the same results.

What are the benefits of Rudraksha.?

· This helps by protecting from the negative energy.

· It creates and improves stability.

· It can be worn by any gender of any age group but the type of the rudraksha that can be worn may differ.

· It improves concentration and focus.

· Improves peace in and around you.

· Helps in healing all kinds of health issues.

How should one wear Rudraksha.?

The main benefit of Rudraksha is that it possesses NO NEGATIVE EFFECTS.

One should be wearing Rudraksha even while sleeping, eating, or drinking, meaning that one should wear Rudraksha all the time (24x7)The only precautions to take so that the bead does not get damaged are:

1. Do not wear a Rudraksha to a hospital or a crematorium center as there are mixed energies present in the surrounding which may damage the Rudraksha.

2. There is no restriction on food and drinks for the wearer of Rudraksha.

3. Apply oil the Rudraksha once a week to prevent it from dehydrating.

4. It can be worn in any form (chains, bracelets, rings etc.,)

5. Take precaution you don’t buy a fake one.

6. Have your faith and belief in Lord Shiva and chant “Om NamahShivaya” to make Rudrakshaan effective one.

Gem Certification:

Gemtre, we sell all -Natural Lab-Certified Rudraksha. Each bit Rudrakshaseed marketed by us is tried in a Government Testing Lab.Whereas, one and two mukhis are original and 3-21 are Nepali Rudrakshas. And 1-14 mukhis are Top selling.

We provide Rudrakshas from a price of 400/- to 6,00,000 which varies from type of Rudraksha.

With the goal that you also can appreciate and experience the advantages of these Divine Shiva Beads,when you buy Rudrakshas from us you shall also be provided with related mantras and wearing procedures.We also provide free Astrological and Gemological consultations. For further details and to buy our product visit our website gemtre.in

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