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Salt lamps are the crystals carved from amber-coloured rock salt, hollowed out to fit a lightbulb inside. When you lit them, they give out a warm reddish-pink glow. These are not only decor pieces of your room but they also have many benefits. Salt lamps are said to change the charge of the surrounding air by producing ions that have health benefits. Salt lamps are said to provide health benefits because they are “natural ionizers.” They are produced naturally in the air when changes occur in the atmosphere. They can also be created artificially by air ionizers.

Himalayan salt is chemically similar to table salt. Analysis of a range of Khewra salt samples showed them to be between 96% and 99% sodium chloride, with varying amounts of trace minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, chromium, magnesium and sulphate, all at safe levels below 1%. Some salts mined in Pakistan are not suitable for food or industrial use without purification due to impurities. Some salt crystals from this region have an off-white to transparent colour, while impurities in some veins of salt give it a pink, reddish, or beet-red colour.

Benefits of Salt lamps:

1. They Improve Air Quality

2. They Can Boost Your Mood

3. They Can Help You Sleep

4. They are attractive

5. They create a nice ambience

6. They reduce Asthma and allergies

7. It acts as an anti-depressant.

How does salt lamps work:

Salt naturally has a magnetic power which attracts water molecules to itself. It is also said that salt lamps attract water molecules in the air.

Since water in the air can also hold pollutants and even bacteria, these substances get attracted to the lamp too. The heated salt lamp supposedly dries out the water vapour, leaving the particles attached to the salt.

· Wiping down the salt lamp with a cloth a few times a week to clean it.

Gemtre, we provide you with 4 products made with salt lamps. Here is the description along with its price.

1. Fire Ball Chunk Salt lamp: Himalayan salt lamps are believed to filter dust, mould, mildew and pet dander from indoor air. Just as a nasal saline spray uses salt to clear airways, they help to relieve allergy symptoms of all kinds. Those who struggle with asthma also claim to benefit from Himalayan salt. They provide us with a price of 1,375/-.

Plug holder Natural Salt Lamp: Plug Salt Lamp easy to use and handy. Balance Electromagnetic Radiation. Cleanse, Deodorize, and Purify Air. Calm Allergies and Reduce Asthma. Alleviate Coughing and Other Symptoms of the Common Cold. Boost Blood Flow. Raise Energy Levels. Sharpen Concentration and Performance. Enhance Mood. It is provided at a price of 501/-

1. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp: Salt Lamp helps to eradicate exposure to EM radiation is known primarily to cause fatigue, increase stress and weaken the immune system. Even though Himalayan pink salt lamp health benefits aren’t fully supported by modern science there are indications these lamps may enhance your well-being. It is provided at a price of 950/-

1. Wooden basket salt lamp: The Salt chunks emit the negative ions that help in relaxing muscles and benefits the asthma patients in reducing their symptoms. The basket salt lamp gives a beautiful look when placed at the office or at home and the soothing light makes a calm and relaxing environment. It is provided at a price of 1,399/-.


Gemtre, we have a speciality in selling astrological gemstones and Holistic wellness products. Each bit of Salt lamp product marketed by us is tried in a Government Testing Lab. Every salt lamp is sold alongside a Certification that incorporates distinctions like shape, cut, weight, precautions, uses and name of the lamp.

We provide salt lamps at a price ranging from501/- to 1,399/-.

We also provide free astrological and gemological consultations. For further details or to buy online please visit our website gemtre.in

We wish our product brings positive effects in your life.


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