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It’s not necessary to believe in any of the above ideologies in order to wear Rudraksha, but the following benefits of Rudraksha need to be read carefully if you really want to know that why should I wear a Rudraksha?

RUDRAKSHA is a seed of the species of tree that grows in the region of high altitude and thus it is mainly found in Himalayan Region. When these seeds are fully ripe, they are covered with an outer shell that is blue in color, so this bead is also known as Blueberry Bead. Many people think of it only as a mere seed while others who have a religious point of view say that these are not just seeds of a tree, they are the tears of Lord Shiva himself.

It’s not necessary to believe in any of the above ideologies in order to wear Rudraksha, but the following benefits of Rudraksha need to be read carefully if you really want to know that why should I wear a Rudraksha?

1. The 5 Elements & Rudraksha Panchadhatu means the 5 elements and Rudraksha are said to have the properties of all these 5 elements. When energized by cosmic rays and transmitted into the human body, it results in good health and peace in life. People who believed this to be true, tried wearing or chanting with Rudraksha malas and got healed by their powerful healing properties.

Everything in nature is made up the five elements, earth, water, fire, air, and space so, if you believe this, you should not be confused with the idea of wearing a Rudraksha.

2. Medicinal & Scientific Value of Rudraksha Rudrakshas have electromagnetic characteristics and because of this, they have several amazing powers that can benefit the human body. The bead is empowered to cure the human body medically as well as spiritually, giving the person overall healing. The electromagnetic qualities of Rudraksha are proof that their healing power cannot be looked upon just like a myth.

If you don’t believe in myths and are a believer of Science then this point is just for you, because no one can understand the power of electromagnetic waves better than you.

3. Rudraksha for Good Luck The beads of Rudraksha have been boosting the luck and prosperity of the wearer significantly and history is its witness; Buddha, Gandhi, Dalai Lama are the ones that wore them, and they proved to be very much beneficial.

No, one wants bad luck, and some good luck is always agreeable, you should surely give a try to Rudraksha and see how things turn out from normal to amazing.

4. Ideal for Body, Mind & Soul Rudraksha can improve the overall health of a person. It induces positive powers in the body and as per Ayurveda, Rudraksha strengthens the body constitutions. It has been proved that Rudraksha removes blood impurities and strengthens the body substance by removing the bad bacteria, inside as well as outside the human body. It very effectively removes the headache, cough, paralysis, and blood pressure, heart diseases and maternity problems. A healthy body is what all of us want and if there is something that can provide you this fit and fine body to live in, you should not take a back step.

5. Wards off Negativity As written in some of the Ancient scriptures like Purana, it is well known that each Rudraksha is linked with a deity. The positive powers that are seen to the ones coming from the Deva and the Devi are believed to protect the wearer from negative powers, enmity and provides a powerful shield against all negativities.

Now, the one thing that no one can deny is that we are always surrounded by energies and negative energies prove to be very much harmful, in every phase of our life, so why not try Rudraksha and keep them away from entering your life.

Source :-  https://bit.ly/2XatGwL But if you are still confused with the Idea of Rudraksha and want an answer to the question that Why should I wear Rudraksha? Then you should continue reading this article until you find a satisfactory answer to your question. 

  6. Rudraksha Has No Religion Rudraksha is a very powerful bead and after all the research, this fact has been proven based on scientific theories. In the beginning, when people were unaware of the actual reasons behind the powers of Rudraksha, they used to believe that they are the tears of Lord Shiva and the scriptures also told the proper ways of how and when to wear them for best results.

But with the advent of Science and the change in people’s perception regarding Rudraksha because of the same reason, people began to look at it as a boon regardless of the religion it belongs.

7. A gift of nature Nature is full of power, everything that is under the sun is full of mystery and covered in the beauty that is beyond explanation. The flowing rivers, the vibrant colors, the high mountains, the delicate grass, everything is beyond the understanding of man. Same is with Rudraksha, it is a bead whose power source is nature itself. It is believed that Rudraksha symbolizes the link between heaven and earth.

One thing that no one of us can ignore is that we all have lost our connection with the mother nature and that is the reason we have lost our peace and has started the search of something that can give rest to our tired souls. In the middle of all this hustle, we have Rudraksha that can turn all our anxieties and doubts into a beautiful and peaceful life. No matter you want a Gemstone for Business Success or just want happiness and peace in your life, a Rudraksha can always prove to be your most favorite bead.

Talking about how to wear it, you can always take help from the scriptures. Hindu Scriptures like the updated Jabal Rudraksha Upanishad have made the berries their own, but according to modern scholars and gurus, Rudraksha belongs to no particular religion and have pointed out that they can be used as a mala, rosary or Tasbih. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose Rudraksha, and use them for your health and overall well-being.

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