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Yantra is a word derived from Sanskrit and denotes a chant that is full of energy which when placed in your environment, can do wonder in removing the negative energy from that area. Many people believe that these Yantras can help them recover from bad health, and get health, wealth and success in life, but the reality is that they don’t heal you directly.

Yantra is a word derived from Sanskrit and denotes a chant that is full of energy which when placed in your environment, can do wonder in removing the negative energy from that area. Many people believe that these Yantras can help them recover from bad health, and get health, wealth and success in life, but the reality is that they don’t heal you directly. If you consult any top astrologer in Delhi he will tell you that Yantras just act as intermediators between you and the deity you are praying to. Yantras help the prayers to reach to the respective deities faster by removing the hurdles like negative energy from the path. The word Yantra means a loom or an instrument or machine. Basically, a Yantra is an interlocking matrix of geometric figures. A Yantra is a meditation tool that is drawn in two dimensions and is supposed to represent a three-dimensional sacred object. Mainly there are Four Types of Yantra

  1. Yantras of deities

  2. Yantras of astrological significance

  3. Architectural Yantras

  4. Numerical Yantras

Yantra Of Deities

Also known as the Shakta Yantra or the forms of the Great Mother or the Mahavidyas, Yantra of Deities are considered the most significant of all and are known as the source of supreme knowledge. This can be used as a yantra for success, some of the popular deity Yantras are:

Lakshmi Yantra

Lakshmi Yantra contains all the Yantras of prosperity, riches and wealth. Lakshmi Yantra is best for those who want to eliminate their debts or other financial burdens and attract more wealth. This Yantra includes Kanakdhara Yantra, Shri Mahalaxmi Yantra, Shri Kailash Yantra and Shri Durga Yantra.

  1. It is the yantra for health and wealth

  2. Attracts wealth and prosperity

  3. Let you get in contact with the wealthy and the rich

  4. Doubles your money and all material comforts

Lakshmi Ganesh Yantra

This Yantra contains the mantras for the worship of Goddess Lakshmu and Lord Ganesha which makes the most propitious Yantra. This Yantra is taken from Saundarya Lahri and you can keep it at home, in the office on your desk and in your shop. Some of this yantra benefits are:

  1. It removes all obstacles from your way

  2. Yantra for attracting money

  3. Increases your business manifolds if worshipped properly and regularly

  4. It can attract a lot of footfalls for you if places in the shop

Kuber Yantra

The vedic mantras on this yantra helps in increasing money and prosperity. It invites opportunities and sources of income and wealth for you. In Srimad Bhagvatam, it is written that Kubera and the Four Kumaras are the constant companies of Shiva, the resident of Himalaya. This one is the yantra for success in the worklist of yantras:

  1. Helps in the accumulation of wealth

  2. Helps increase flow of fund

  3. Bestows growth in Business

  4. Helps find a lucrative job

Yantras of astrological significance

These Yantras are used to harness the energies of the nine major planets of the horoscope that's why they are known as planetary Yantras. Some of the most popular planetary Yantras are:

Mangal Yantra

Mangal is a Sanskrit word which means auspicious and as the name suggests, Mangal Yantra is brings good luck in career, personal life and your business ventures. Those who are going through delays in their marriages can install this yantra and worship it with its mantras.

  1. Yantra for Good health

  2. Best for men and women who are unable to find a suitable life partner.

  3. Beneficial for women who face miscarriages.

  4. Blesses the person who is facing disharmony in marital life.

  5. Saves from the rising debts and financial Instabilities.

Shani Yantra

Shani Yantra is the best to pacify planet Saturn. The ones who are going through the phase of Shani Sade Sati can get a number of benefits from this Yantra. It is believed that owning this Yantra and worshipping it everyday equals to worshipping Lord Shani himself. Shani Mantra is imprinted on its face which discharges the Shani Tattvas also known as cosmic elements of Shani.

  1. It pleases Lord Shani and helps in making peace with him.

  2. Yantra for health & Wealth

  3. Minimizes hurdles and other problematic problems that come in between you and your professional growth.

  4. Gives relief from constant grief and sorrow.

  5. Helps in removing difficulty in breathing.

  6. Protects against prolonged ailments.

Rahu Yantra

Installing and worshipping Rahu Yantra pacifies the malefic effects of Rahu. According to the Vedic Astrology, the phase of Rahu lasts for 18 years and if it is unfavorably situated on your horoscope you can expect unfavorable or unfortunate events in your life. It brings various physical ailments, accidents and obstacles in the accomplishment of your goals. You can install this Yantra to get yantra benefits:

  1. Prevent your enemies from harming you.

  2. Protect you from deceits.

  3. Protect yourself from negative energies.

  4. Remove obstacles from path of personal and professional growth.

Surya Yantra

Sun is considered the most powerful planet of all the planets. In the field of astrology, if the sun is placed favorably on your horoscope, it invites all the opportunities, riches, and favors in your life.

  1. Give Strength to the position of Surya on your horoscope.

  2. Attracts the cosmic elements of the sun, also known as Surya Tattvas.

  3. The Yantra has numbers and seed mantra of sun on its face which constantly emits the power from that mantra.

Architectural Yantras

There are five basic elements of nature-lunar energy of moon, the solar energy of sun, wind energy, magnetic effects of earth and heat energy of life. Architectural Yantras or Vastu Dosh Products extract the energies from these five elements and brings harmony in your life. The theme of Vastu Shastra is Harmonious Life with Nature and it can give you the Yantra for success.

The imbalance between the five basic elements of nature causes sorrow, agitation, failure and poor economic condition along with other negative results for a human being. You can find the most suitable solutions for these problems with the right Vastu products. The top astrologer in Delhi can give you some Vastu Dosh products that can energize your surroundings no matter if its an office or a home. Through this, you can live at peace with the five elements. Dowsers Dowsers work as intuitive guide to help you make the best choices with your

  1. Business

  2. Career

  3. Finances

  4. Life Partner

  5. Personal Decisions

Rock Salt Lamps

Rock salts that are extracted from the Himalayas have the power to absorb all the negative energies that are found in any space and replaces it with the positive energy. You can get these lamps in different shapes and sizes.

  1. Excellent Vastu product which brings relief from the stress and helps in relaxing.

  2. Yantra for health & Wealth

  3. It is believed that it enhances the harmony between family members.

Vastu Yantra

These can be placed in already built building and homes that are not in harmony with the vastu dosh. They can be used in any space, home or office as it brings:

  1. Prosperity

  2. Peace

  3. Stability

Numerical Yantras

A selected combination of numbers is written on these yantras which serve as Talismans or Charms. They help you prosper in your career and good health. It offers health, wealth, happiness and success. Usually the numbers are etched in metals like silver, gold, copper and Bhojpatra. These metals are cheaper than gemstones but are as effective as gemstones. If used with proper mantras, they can bring around immense positivity in your life and can be used as Yantras for attracting money health and wealth.

Yantra Rituals

Yantra Rituals are all same regardless of the Yantra you are using. However, the one thing that you must keep in mind is that the mantras will change according to the Yantras and chanted according to the specifications given by the only the top astrologer in Delhi. Given below is the ritual for performing a yantra pooja:

  1. Purify your body before using the Yantra.

  2. Start with a positive mind.

  3. Find an undisturbed place on the floor facing east.

  4. Start the ritual by lighting the incense stick or a Diya or lamp.

  5. Place fresh fruits and flowers on the altar.

  6. Place the Yantra near the image or idol of the deity you are going to worship.

  7. Take a leaf from any tree.

  8. Sprinkle some water on yourself and then on the yantra with the same leaf.

  9. Concentrate and chant the mantras 21 times.

  10. Close your eyes while chanting the mantra.

  11. Pray from the deity and ask to bless you with all your unfulfilled desires.

Last but not the least, it is about your health and life, it is recommended not to use these Yantras without consulting your astrologer only after showing your horoscope.

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