Essential Oils

Essential oils are the concentrated extracts of potentially beneficial plants, such as lavender and peppermint. Essential Oils are basically the botanical extracts of various herbs, roots, leaves etc. We use essential oils for Aromatherapy.  It is a natural product and extracted from a single plant species. We offer Essential oils such as Peppermint oil, Rosemary oil, Lavender oil. 

Essential oils are obtained through distillation (via steam and/or water) or mechanical methods, such as cold pressing. Once the aromatic chemicals have been extracted, they are combined with a carrier oil to create a product that’s ready for use. The way the oils are made is important, as essential oils obtained through chemical processes are not considered true essential oils.

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that can be used for several purposes, including keeping skin, hair and nails healthy. Tea tree oil has been used as a traditional medicine by Aborigines for centuries.

Rose oil is a popular essential oil extracted from the petals of certain roses. It relieves pain , inflammation & improves overall skin health.

Lavender oil can benefit the skin in numerous ways. It has the ability to lessen acne, help lighten skin, and reduce wrinkles. It can even be used to treat other things, like improving hair health and digestion.

Peppermint oil cures irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), nausea, and other digestive issues, as well as the common cold and headaches.

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