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Dressing up for an event, or for office are referred as moments of joy because women enjoy it.

Dressing up for an event, or for office are referred as moments of joy because women enjoy it. These are amongst the daily activities. In addition to this, they want to look their best because it keeps them happy and motivated. Another important task, reoccurring regularly is choosing the complimenting jewellery matching the outfit. Whether it is diamond jewellery or gold varies, depending on the outfit and the occasion.

Gemstones are also an important part of jewellery, now a days because they look stylish, attractive and because of they carry high values. It is said that they divert the direction of the starts, acting in contrary to your prosperity or prevent or delay events and occasions which might hurt you. There are many different kinds of gemstones and are not wore after deciding which looks or suits you best but after consultation with a preacher. The one who is learned and has complete knowledge about religious scriptures and manuscripts, these preachers have a deep insight with reference to gemstones. The manufacturers of gemstones, amongst their staff, have a learned person who has expertise in gemstones. These experts can guide the customers regarding which gemstone is to wear, where is to be worn, the days and hours is it be worn.

They also mention to time and days on which it can be taken off. They also make the customer aware of the benefits of wearing the gemstone, rituals or prayers to be performed before wearing the gemstone. These gemstones are prescribed by the preacher of religion after studying the ‘kundli’, nature of person, month and time of birth. Gemstones are believed to have a positive impact, fulfill the purpose for which they are worn and in addition to all this it is an attractive piece of jewellery. Yes, the last line is an added advantage but wearing gemstones only for this purpose is not advisable. White and green gemstones, which are popularly known as diamond and emerald jewellery are the two most commonly worn gemstones around the globe. These both are also commonly worn jewellery set  for wedding. These are known as the two most popular gemstone of their color category.

Styling your outfit with your gemstone offers you more benefits and advantages because gemstones can be worn as a piece of jewellery. This offers you more benefits.

  • Wearing the gemstone wherever you wish to.

  • Styling your gemstone in a chain or bracelet

  • Cat eye gemstone is an attractive piece of jewellery.

  • Gemstones offer great jewellery designs.

  • Gemstones are the new form of jewellery, many people are adapting to. Given the advantages of wearing the prescribed gemstone offers.

  • Wearing gemstones in jewellery increases it benefits, as mentioned by thelearned priest.

10 ways to pick right jewelry for your outfit or how to wear jewelry with clothes?

1. Straight line: All garments have some straight lines in them which help to emphasize body angularity and neutralize the roundness of the body. Seams, yokes, darts, hems or garment edges, pleats, hems, trims, braids, tucks, zippers, rows of buttons and panels are all straight lines. Straight lines oppose natural curves and signify permanence, neatness, flatness and strength. They create a feeling of elegance, bold and powerful, stable and dignified effects in a garment. Use only limited number of straight lines in a dress as more straight lines can give a stiffer and slimmer look.

https://bit.ly/2lUL1vY 2. Curved lines: The lines which are curved are less conservative, powerful and formal than straight lines. Circles and curves make spaces look larger than they really are. This type of lines increases the size and shape of the figure adding interest to a design. They give soft, gentle, youthful and flowing effect. But too many curved lines in a dress can create a confusing look too, therefore, to be used with caution. Curved lines emphasize body curves and counter thickness and sharp angles. Found on pockets, collars, scalloped edges, seams, gathers, they produce an effect of felinity, gracefulness, movement, richness and elegance. Soft curves on princess lines, necklace, garment edges suggest gentle youthfulness. These lines are more romantic and pensive by nature. The line which are Curved might be a full circle or may even appear almost straight. Relating to fashion curved lines are considered more graceful and feminine; those in a diagonal direction are the most graceful and can be seen in the soft folds of material in a draped dress or a ruffled collar.

3. Zigzag line:  These lines have sharp points like zigzags, which change the direction abruptly due to their points. This type of line gives a feeling of jerky, busy, excited effect. They also emphasize angularity. When they are used more than required these lines can create a feeling of confusion in dress. As they are very noticeable their use should be limited. Decorative fabric pattern and trim like rice race can help create this effect. They are also used to combine different patterns & textures. Other form of using zigzag line is use of V shaped lines. V shaped lines widen and slenderize. The deeper the V of the diagonal lines, the slenderer the effect it gives as shown in the figure below.

4. Curve design: Emphasizes body curves, counters thinness and angularity giving a young, youthful, feminine, dynamic character. 5. Restrained curve: The curves do emphasize curves of the body in at attractive manner. Soft, shallow curves suggest comfort, safety, and relaxation. These are introduced in dress by seams, garment edges, princess lines, trims, gathers, draping and fabric pattern. 6. Decorative lines: Decorative lines are created by adding details to the surface of clothing. Serving the purpose simply to decorate the garment and make it more interesting. They add style and personality. They can be formed. Conclusion All these clothes design compliment you, and the jewellery which you can wear all the time. Will this match my gemstone jewellery? Yes, this compliment every piece of ornament you wear.

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