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A beginner’s guide for crystals and crystal healing -Gemtre

What is a crystal?

A crystal or a crystalline solid is a solid material whose atoms and molecules are formed in an ordered structure or a packed structure which forms a crystal lattice which has their own shapes and characteristics. The formation of a crystal is called crystallography. The process of formation of crystal using certain mechanisms is called crystal growth or crystallization. The word crystal is derived from Greek which means ice or rock. The regular and well-known example of a crystal is a salt crystal which a very low-cost crystal used in daily life. Few types of crystals like lead, glass, plastic etc., are called amorphous solids.

Why crystals are used?

Crystals are mainly used in crystal therapy along with gemstones. Crystals are naturally beautiful and have natural sparkling shine [few are exception] which help in improving positive energy and healing power. From ancient times healing with crystals and meditating with crystals has been widespread and have been practised by ancient people from thousands of years. Working of crystals is just magical. In one such cases practitioners used to tune these crystals with their own ideologies in order to match their frequencies. These crystals can also be used as a room-decors along with having health benefits. There are many ways to use crystals like positive energy, health, spiritual and mental health, wealth, courage, peace, beauty etc.

Crystals can also be used while meditating and it has the simplest forms of meditation. Generally, when we meditate, we try focusing on our inner self and concentrate on our inner voice. Using crystals while meditating can help you to focus better and make your meditation more effective. Crystals work as a tool to open the doors of your heart and mind while stabilizing your thoughts.

What are the benefits of using crystal?

1. Crystals help you in connecting with yourself and the world.

2. It helps you relieve from stress, depression, fear and anxiety.

3. It builds your thinking while helping you to be creative.

4. It helps you to have a calm and peaceful mind.

5. It removes negative thoughts.

6. It helps to purify your heart.

7. It treats many health ailments related to the spinal cord, heart, nervous system, digestive system, pains and cracks.

8. It helps you to increase your concentration and focus.

9. It absorbs all the negative energy from within and around you. It emits positive vibes.

10. It protects you from evil spirits.

How to use crystals?

1. Think about the goal which you want to achieve, let it be having peace or removing stress or improving focus etc.

2. Holding them in your hands: Hold a crystal in your hands while meditating and it helps you in focusing better following the benefits it provides. The more focused you stay the better it starts working.

3. Placing the crystals on your chakras: Chakras are the energies on which our whole physical and mental body is depended. It helps you to live a spiritual life. For example, just lay down peacefully and place the crystal on your third eye to improve your third vision. Place the crystal on your heart chakra to open ways to your heart and retain the stress.

4. Creating a crystal energy grid: When you don’t want any crystal to touch your skin as you may get interrupted, you can circle yourself with crystals or keep one crystal in front and in the back but maintain complete focus while meditating.

5. Keep them in your room at a corner or under your pillow.

6. Take a spray bottle and fill it with essential oil and put a crystal in it and spray in your room before sleeping.

7. Cleansing your crystals and energising them is important.

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