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Sleep disorder is a condition where a person's ability to sleep on a regular basis gets disturbed. The reasons for it may be many like stress, overwork, hectic schedules, over-thinking, depression or any other. As per the sources, 1 among 3 of us are suffering with a sleep disorder. Basically, any person needs to have a minimum of 8 hours of sleep as per the research. But many of us compromise with 4-5 hours or even less. The imbalance in sleep will lead to many other issues.

The issues like being tired all day, drained energy, weight gain, concentration, lack of hunger, irritation, low performance in work, strained relations, yelling etc.,

There are different types of sleep disorders. They are:

Insomnia: It is the inability to sleep and is caused due to stress, anxiety, hormones or health issues.

Sleep apnoea: It is the gap in time of breathing during sleep. This is a serious condition where for sometime oxygen supply is not given to the body.

Parasomnias: This is a known disorder that we see. That is walking in sleep or talking in sleep, bedwetting, teeth grinding, groaning. This may happen once in a while but happening regularly must be treated.

Restless leg syndrome: The overwhelming urge to move the legs or tingling sensation in legs 24/7. It is also related to Parkinson’s disease.

Narcolepsy: It is known as “sleep attacks” that one faces while day. Sudden and extreme sleepiness and tiredness and falls asleep without a warning. This can even cause paralysis.

Symptoms of sleep disorder:

1. Imbalance in the sleep cycle.

2. Tiredness all day.

3. Breathing issues.

4. Difficulty to fall asleep.

5. Anxiety, depression.

6. Low performance in work.

7. Lack of concentration.

8. Irritation.

How to treat Sleep disorder?

Treatment for sleep disorders includes medical treatment and changes in lifestyle.

Astrology also has a part in treating sleep disorder. Try these suggestions which are based on astrology.

1. Light a cotton wick with sesame oil on a copper lamp on Monday and chant: “Om ShraangShreengShroungsahChandrayaNamah om”

2. Check your birth chart which planets and Dasha are responsible for causing you sleepless nights. And take the required measures and follow those steps to strengthen the planets.

3. Mix two drops of chestnut in a glass of water and drink before you sleep.

4. Try using acupuncture or walk barely footed on the grass. And spend time seawater.

5. Wearing therapeutic gemstone can help a person to recover from sleep disorders.

6. Wearing pearl will help you in 99% of the times because the pearl is known to be a calming and soothing stone which can relax the instability of your thoughts while providing you peace because it is a natural stone extracted from seawater.

7. These astrological treatments are only used as a supplement to regular medical treatment and changes in lifestyle.

Gemtre suggests you follow these suggestions along with your medical treatment and changes in lifestyle to have better and soon benefits.

we wish our products and information bring positive changes in your life.

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