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What is Hawan?

Homa or Hawan is a traditional Hindu practice which practised all over the country on several occasions in order to remove the negatives from within and around and also to purify the environment. Homa which actually means offering/sacrificing/ pouring into the fire. In the earlier days, it was only followed by Brahmins but later on by knowing the benefits it provides everyone started to implement in the celebrations of life.

A hawankund is generally made of bricks, stones or copper vessel and it is movable. The sacrifice firstly has to purify himself and start offering puja during the homa. The sacrificers pour their offerings into the hawan like ghee, milk, curd, sugar, saffron, grains, coconut, perfumed water, seeds, petals and herbs. When these all burn into ashes the hawan is said to be fruitful and the sacrifice is blessed.

But, is that possible to make hawan every day? No, right. In order to have the benefits of hawan every day, we can use natural hawan cups which are provided by gemtre.

Hawan cups are a nano version of complete hawan. It is used to fulfil our today’s busy lives. It is one of the fundamental agnihotra therapy used by our Rishi’s, Kings and families from thousands of years on all important occasions like birth, marriages, muhrat and various occasions in life. The daily use of the cup not only cheers the atmosphere around us but also gives us mental and physical energy. It makes oneself happy and light throughout. It cures many germs, diseases and viruses. Not only this but also the leftover ashes can be used to make medicine and fertility manure.

You may also see the research paper published on agnihotra by institutes in Peru, Germany, Ukraine and other countries in which they mentioned, this would help to fight water and earth pollution. It is combined by Boss Indica’s Ayurveda. Sound, aroma and affective therapies by default. It’s our duty that we keep our home, city and country free from air pollution and also derive the other multiple benefits that hawan cups have to offer us.

Contents included:

The Outer Shells are made from a mixture of Desi Cow Ghee, Upple, Sandal powder & others. It's free of Black Charcoal.

The Internal Mixture is an age-old Divine formula of Herbs specially formulated by our team of I.G.S. Over 30+ Herbs & Plant extracted Like Guggal, Loban, Agar, Neem, Shatavari, Jatamasi, Amaltas, Nager Matha, Giloye, Elaichi, Nariyal, Rice Powder, Sarsm, Tejpatta, Jawatri and others.

The daily use of GemtreHawan Cup ensures to clear the environment around your place, which makes You Physically & Mentally energized simply by its divine Aroma of herbs, Killing dirty germs & viruses. You stay Happy & Work more.

Just Try & use its leftover Ash Putting in Plants See them fertile and Grow and Better. Even works as medicine value.

How to use Hawan cups?

You need only small 2 pieces of camphor to heat it up, one small katori& plate and match stick.

Follow the steps:

1. Put one Hawan Cup in metal katori& put on a metal plate.

2. Put one camphor piece on side of Hawan Cup to heat up from the bottom.

3. Break one camphor in 2 pieces & put on the edges of the Hawan Cup.

4. Place it in mid (Brahmsthan) of your house/ workplace. Keep in the open room, away from small children and patients for safety.

5. Lit the camphor it emits flame with some black smoke _ & heats up the cup. In a short time, this flame will go away & white smoke of herbs starts coming & spread in your place for over fifteen minutes. It leaves a good feel for homes.

6. Leftover Residue, put in plants as a healthy measure.

Gemtre, we provide our products which are completely natural.

We have carefully Hand Crafted this nano version of organic Hawan Cup. It takes 2 minutes to light it up. For over fifteen minutes the white smoke of herbs spread at your place & you can feel its effect for hours.

For further information and to buy our product, visit our website gemtre.in

We wish our product brings positive effects in your life.

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