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There are different kinds of gemstones available in the market. These gems have a close association with astrology and hence have a significant value in our daily lives. Among all these, Gomed Stone is a popular one as it governs the movements of the plant "Rahu."

There are different kinds of gemstones available in the market. These gems have a close association with astrology and hence have a significant value in our daily lives. Among all these, Gomed Stoneis a popular one as it governs the movements of the plant "Rahu." This stone comes from the garnet family of gemstones and is quite popular among the folks for its powerful effects. This honey-coloured stone also has a special place in the Hindu scriptures.

What Is Gomed Stone?

Gomed is the Hindi name of Hessonite stone. It is a honey-coloured calcium aluminium silicate that holds a special place in the Hindu scriptures. Since ages, people believe that the Vedic planet "Rahu" rules this stone. The stone gets its English name from a Greek word called “Hesson," which means "inferior."

The gemstone is so named because of its low density and the hardness compared to the other kinds of garnet. This stone has been regarded as a precious stone for thousands of years. In ancient times, the Greeks and the Romans used this stone as jewellery. 

Advantages Of Wearing Gomed Stone

Some of the Benefits of Wearing a Hessonite stone are:

Brings About Mental Peace

Gomed gemstone is quite effective in calming the thoughts of the mind and relive the user form depression, anxiety, and mental problems.

Boost Up the Concentration Level

The prolonged use of this gemstone has helped many people to increase their concentration levels successfully. It helps people to focus on their careers and provide them with a clear direction. It also helps the wearers to make proper decisions in their lives. As a result, the stone helps the people to progress in their careers as well as their personal life.

Balances Out the Planetary Events

Often the astrologers recommend this gemstone by date of birth as it controls the evil effect of the Vedic planet "Rahu." It also provides protection to the wearer from negative thoughts, energy, and vibes.

Improves the Health

In many cases, this stone has improved the health conditions of its wearers. It is beneficial in curing different kinds of ailments like epilepsy, eye infections, allergies, heart conditions, etc. It is possible to improve health with Gomed.

A Special Note About Stone Gomed

The Hessonite stone has a strong influence on five fruits of life which are:

  • Meditation (Dhyaana)

  • Financial Prosperity (Artha)

  • Righteous living (Dharma)

  • Pleasures of the body (Kama)

  • Salvation/Nirvana (Moksha)

As these five sectors of life are under the control of Gomed stone, hence it is essential to include this stone in one's life under expert supervision. This stone is essential for the wellbeing of the married life of a couple. It is also essential to strike the right balance between the different aura of energy surrounding our lives.

Wearing Gomed And Cat's Eye Together

According to the experts, the combination of Gomed and cat's eye gemstones are an exceptional blend in astrology. Although the ruling planets of both these stones are different, which are Rahu and Ketu, yet the combination brings more beneficial results than wearing any one of them. 

This works out perfectly for those who are under the malefic “Dasha” of both the ruling planets. In many cases, this combination makes the life of many people more luxurious by increasing both wealth and health.

The combination helps one to become more successful and prosperous in their lives. However, these all effects are visible only when one gets the real gemstones and abide by the instructions by a professional astrologer. Such guidance is essential as there are specific rules and rituals associated with every gem. It is vital to abide by all the rituals as they govern the effects of these gemstones in one's life.

Price of Gomed Stone in India

The prices of different precious gemstones fluctuate depending on the market trends and the demand of the stones among the public. The other traits which govern the Gomed stone price are:

  • Beauty

  • Colour

  • Lustre

  • Perfection of cutting

  • Durability

  • Rarity

  • Demand

  • Tradition

  • Portability, etc.

Based on these features, the Gomed gemstone price in India starts from ₹ 125 per carat. The rate of these stones is as high as ₹ 4,600 per carat in the Indian market.

Who Can Wear Gomed Stone?

Gemstones are perfect to wear in different kinds of jewellery, neckpieces, rings, etc. However, there are specific gemstones that are extensively famous for their roles in controlling several life events. One such stone is the Hessonite stone, which is often recommended by experts for astrological purposes.

Mainly the experts ask people to wear the gemstone by date of birth and also if there is a presence of the malefic planet in their horoscope chart. That means, if “Rahu” is present in the 12th, 18th, or 6th houses of a birth chart, then this stone is beneficial for the user. However, do not forget to refer to a professional astrologer before you resort to the usage of this stone.

The Gomed gemstone benefits are multiple. It is also helpful in developing one’s personality traits like public speaking attributes, confidence, etc. People working in sectors like politics, computer jobs, lawyers, government sectors, etc. have often reported the magical powers of this stone.

It is always better to seek professional guidance before you incorporate an astrological stone into your life. That is because a gemstone can have positive effects as well as adverse effects on one's life.  There are many kinds of instructions and rituals tied up with every gem available in the market. Hence, to eliminate the chances of adverse effects of such gemstones, it is beneficial to seek the guidance of reputed astrologers. 

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