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There are specific gems and stones that balance and support loving relationships, especially between you and your Mr./Mrs. Right. A number of the more common stones is placed within the bedroom, in a very small decorative bowl or in an exceeding saucer on your nightstand by the bed. You’ll create a set of a range of complementary stones, too. Stones are often purchased as larger pieces for display, or they’ll be worn as beads in a very necklace, bracelet, or ring and kept on your Relationship Altar in your offering tray once you aren’t wearing them. Here are a number of the gemstones which may facilitate your in building rock-solid relations together with your desired ones :

Rose Quartz - Rose quartz promotes romantic love further as self-love and acceptance. It’s the stone of forgiveness, humility, and patience. It teaches us to open our hearts and to be tender, peaceful, and gentle. This is often a reasonably inexpensive stone and may be worn as a bracelet or a necklace. When not being worn, place quartz by your bed for peace and serenity, or add it to your offering tray on your Relationship Altar. Tuck a bit of tumbled quartz into each of the four corners of your bedroom to encourage loving relationships in your life.


The luminous ruby is related to romantic love and love of self. This is often a piece of jewellery and might be expensive. Ruby brings integrity, devotion, and happiness. It’s said to strengthen both the physical and therefore the emotional heart, bringing courage to the wearer. Confidence, vitality, stamina, and strength are all qualities related to ruby.


Moonstone holds protective energy and is balancing for the emotions. Like quartz, moonstone isn’t a chic stone. It’s known to draw in love and affection, and when placed under the pillow at midnight it supports peaceful sleep.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate brings a calming energy to a busy life. It’s healing energy, strengthens intuition and inspiration, enhances communication, and combats envy and spite. It promotes the love of self and understanding. This stone within reason priced and simply available. Blue lace agates are often beautiful, decorative additions to a Relationship Altar.


Amethyst enhances peace, understanding, and humility. It brings contentment, healing, happiness, and love. The larger stones will be placed on your altar. Wearing this beautiful purple stone calms the mind and opens the guts.


Pearl signifies purity and sweetness, compassion, protection, and love. When used as jewellery it’s a soothing influence on the body. It’s advisable to wear natural, not man-made pearls.


Kunzite supports calm and balance, and enhances luck and spiritual equilibrium. It’s the stone for locating true love, harmony, compassion, and inner peace. Add a bit to your offering tray and carry a chunk of it in your pocket.


Garnet is understood to stimulate sex drive, improve feminine sensuality, and combat depression. Its fiery red shade is claimed to be symbolic of passion, inspiration, love and romance. Wear it as a necklace or add pieces of tumbled stones to the offering tray of your Relationship Altar.

Green Jade

Green jade is taken into account one among the foremost precious stones of the East. It strengthens love and happiness and fortifies the shape. It’s a stone of the guts, both physically and emotionally. It’s said to satisfy dreams and encourage long life. Jade may be worn as rings, pendants, and bracelets, or it may be placed on your altar in a very sort of shapes, from the form of an egg to spheres, to carved as animals or Buddha.

Gemtre, we have a speciality in selling astrological gemstones. Every gemstone is sold alongside a Certification that incorporates distinctions like shape, cut, measurements, weight and name of the gemstone. We only sell Lab affirmed Gemstones marked by GJEPC, IDGL, IGI.

We also provide free astrological and gemological consultations. For further details or to buy online please visit our website gemtre.in

We wish our gemstone brings positive effects in your life.

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