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Gemstones, and people have a very pious and religious relation. Some people turn spiritual, not because they do not believe in God but because they are God fearing. Being God fearing creates a barrier in mind, which restricts or forbids them from experiencing an emotional connection with God. Wearing a gemstone has several benefits and builds an emotional connection with God about which the best gemstones shops in Delhi will guide you.

Big personalities, celebrities (film stars and athletes), affluent businesspersons, middleclass and even the proletariats believe in the power of gemstones. They say, everything is destined but gemstones have the power of changing your destiny, they can rewrite your destiny. Destiny which is more fulfilling. And if not changing wearing gemstones as per the directions of learned priest (they), it will definitely guide to a smoother route to reaching your desired goals. The smoother route is re-routing your destiny, making it free of obstacles and impediments.

Positive effects of gemstones

  • Connection: Wearing one of our beautiful pieces connects you to the past. Historically, gemstones were used in a variety of ways. According to the different authors, in early times, gems were used to facilitate conception and induce love and hate.  Now, wearing gemstones is not affiliated with any culture or religion.

  • Calming Weight: Handcrafted with 108 semi-precious gems, the weight of our Mala necklaces can have a calming effect on the wearer. In the bustle of our modern lifestyle, gemstones can help you to 'get your calm on', particularly if you choose Hematite, Blue Lace Agate, or Sandalwood stones, which relieve anxiety and stress and have a ‘grounding’ effect.

  • Visible Purpose: Your Mala necklace, bracelet or ring is a visible reminder of your purpose. According to experts, carrying your intentions with you, and regularly referring to what you want and why you want it is, a known way of achieving your purpose.

  • Cleansing: Gems can cleanse anything from fear to self-doubt to recklessness. It is important you purify your gemstones regularly to clear accumulated energies.

  • Sustainable: If you are looking for a piece speaking to your style and lasting a lifetime, you have landed in the right place! A divine gemstone necklace, bracelet or ring will never expire. All of our work is handcrafted with love and precision. The high-quality stones are strung on a durable nylon string and finished with sacred geometry pendants.

  • Healing Powers: Every gem represents a planet and has the ability to draw energy from that planet and direct it to you. For example, red or pink ruby represents the sun. Just as the sun gives life to the natural world, ruby revitalizes and empowers the wearer to take responsibility and leadership in their life.The energy of gemstones neutralizes the energetic blockages causing poor health and nourishes all aspects of your being.

  • Health benefits: health benefit is one of the most evident benefits of wearing a gemstone. They have the power of healing the most dangerous diseases. They give more strength to bodily in fighting with them, increasing the body’s endurance. With more strength and toughness.

Gemstones are being widely used as a proven and popular astrological remedy as a remedial measure to counteract adverse planetary effects and their repercussions. These have their power of healing, giving resilience and better tolerance. Astrologers and numerologists called them as ratnas (jewels) and used them to help an individual personal activity. Enthought, they are many gemstones lunar astrology advocates the use of 9 stones to counteract the adverse effect of planets. Dating back to history and considering the Law of gravitation: F=Gm1m2/r2And think whether gemstones affect an individual’s stars or not. Gemstones should be carefully selected after determining planetary positions in one chart, ascendant (lagna), planetary cycle and the moon sign. Depending on the selection of learned astrologists of gem can bring about prosperity, mental peace and success. One must also read divine books before wearing gemstones.

Famous personalities wearing gemstones:

1. Salman Khan, the bhai jaan of Bollywood, who is well known for his loving and generous nature towards his fans and co-celebrities. He is always helpful towards those dealing with adversities, not sympathizing but empathizing with them. Salman Khans wears a Feroza (Turquoise gemstone), gifted to him by his father Salim Khan. He wears the gemstone in his left hand, which does not restricts his working. He is very attached to this bracelet as it was given to him by his father and wears it as a sign of affection.Turquoise is known for warding off evil-luck and bring in good fortune in the life of the person who wears it. The stone is a lucky stone for the planet ‘Jupiter’ and is one of the substitutes for ‘Yellow Sapphire. The gemstone gives perception, precision, placidness and expression to the inner thoughts of its wearer. Turquoise is known for warding off evil-luck and bring in good fortune in the life of the person who wears it. The stone is a lucky stone for the planet ‘Jupiter’ and is one of the substitutes for ‘Yellow Sapphire. The gemstone gives perception, precision and placidness to the expression to the inner thoughts of its wearer. The bracelet adds to is his charm and protects him from all troubles and keep him safe. Inside reports suggest that it was given to him when he was facing jail term, regular problems due to his lavish lifestyle and a downfall in his career graph. The gemstones helped him to great extent in dealing with failures. It increased his endurance, making him more persistent to battle them. We all aware of the results, he still stands strong and is free from all criminal legalities which were earlier etched to his name.the current status position he has reached and enjoying are the benefits of wearing blue sapphire stone.

2. Rajnathsingh: Found in rocky sea-bottoms, red corals are naturally matte. These are red fiery Mars, Red Coral (Known as Lal Moonga in Hindi and Vedic Astrology) has been a magnificent gemstone since ancient times in countries of the world over, especially in India, European countries, and Egypt. Red Coral is renowned globally for imparting and improving courage and boldness, along with the necessary vigor and insights to conquer enemies. The favorable effects of red coral gemstones are highly supportive and propelling to soldiers, police officers, surgeons, sports celebrities, workers of ordinance factory, electricians, politicians, people engaged in real estate, etc. India current defense minister under the Narendra Modi’s led BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) government. He was the minister of home affairs in the same government led by the same Prime Minister from the year 2014-2019.

3. Ekta Kapoor: The leading producer, founder of Balaji telefilm, and a new mother strongly believes in power of gemstones. She wears many lucky charm bands along with yellow, red and blue sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, and Coral rings. Emerald gemstone increases brain power, intelligence, memory, communication skills and speech. Wearing the various sapphires and other gemstones favors her luck, and whole industry is aware of her strong believe. It begins from the names of her daily soaps and films (remember how everything used to start with a ‘K’) to the release date of her projects, Ekta doesn’t make any move without assessing the astrological effects on them.

4. Dr. Harsh Vardhan: he is the current minister of health and family welfare in BJP led government by Narendra Modi in 2014. He is currently appointed as the ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Ministry of Earth Sciences. Dr. Harsh Vardhan wears a cat’seye gemstone. Cat’s eye stone safeguards its wearer from accidents, enemies, evil plans and mishaps. Wearer of this gemstone can be bestowed with luck and can earn instant money. Individuals who are in the field of trading, share market and gambling should wear this stone as it enhances the chances of winning. This gemstone has an excellent healing property which will guard wearer against evil eyes. It guards the wearer against several serious diseases related to heart, stomach, brain and mind. It saves the wearer from worldly desires and enlighten the path of spirituality for them. The wearer of this gemstone will experience smoothness from the brain diseases and assist the wearer to overcome from depression and gloom. It gifts a great vision to its wearer and improve the visibility and memory power. Loss of appetite for food or anorexia can be cured by wearing this stone.  The Ketu dosha, which is known as one of the worst and longest remaining dosha (ill-effects) that last around 18 years will be soothed by wearing cats eye stone. This gemstone is nominated as an auspicious gem that can be worn to guard oneself against cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Celebrities wearing ruby ring: ex-miss world, daughter in-law of Amitabh Bachchan and the wife of Abhishek Bachchan wears and the mother of a beautiful daughter wears ruby ring. 

A failing professional graph, young actress with a broken heart and a sad personal life because the demise of her father. Shilpa Shetty was desperate for some good luck in life. On her mother's advice, she started wearing an emerald ring on her little finger, and after that there was no looking back. She got married to one of the most affluent men in the country, and her businesses also flourished. She became a global face and has never been happier in life.Her life took to new graph after winning the celebrity reality show, big brother. Shilpa Shetty Kundra, the wife of a conglomerate, Raj Kundra. She is also mother of a son, aged 7 years.

The above mentioned are amongst the best gemstones. It also mentions the benefits of wearing gemstones. Further, it does not fail to provide you information about the best gemstones sop in Delhi.

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