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Does gold attract positive energy? Find your answers here -Gemtre

Before knowing if gold attracts positivity or not let us understand in detail about the most fascinating metal.

Gold is also known as aurum with an atomic number 79 which is one of the highest atomic number elements that occur naturally. Gold is a brittle, soft, bright, yellow, malleable and ductile metal. Gold is a transition metal and it is a less reactive element. Gold is naturally formed as rocks and grains sometimes being mixed with aluminium deposits and it can be alloyed with copper, tellurium.

Gold is one of the precious metals which is used for jewellery, arts, coins or on clothing. Generally, many people in India tend to put interest in investing their cash in gold. Gold is one of the beautiful looking ornament which gives a feel of royalty and completeness when anyone wears it especially when anyone wears it as an ornament. Gold is also an auspicious metal which is used in every celebration of life. As gold is a soft metal it is combined with a low percentage of other metal to give its stiffness and the perfect look.

Not only in jewellery but also gold is used in the manufacturing of electronics as it is a highly efficient conductor that can carry small currents. A small amount of gold is used in every sophisticated device. Gold is also used in computers while making chips to connect microprocessor and memory chips to the motherboard. It is alloyed with small amounts of Nickel and Cobalt to increase its durability. Gold is also used in dentistry to fill the voids or to replace a tooth or to connect them. Gold is used in the medical field to make surgical instruments and to treat therapies related to radiation therapies. Radioactive gold is used in diagnosis. It is used in the treatment of cancer and lagophthalmos. Gold is used in aerospace while helping to act as a lubricant in space vehicles. Gold is also used to appreciate a person for the unimaginable winning.

While buying gold always check the purity and cross verify the price. If you want to clean your jewellery, always use mild-warm water and liquid soap and use a soft brush. Dry it thoroughly before storing it. You can also use polishing method to clean your jewellery.

Yes, gold attracts positive energy. Not only attracting positive energy but also it won’t allow negative energy to reach you.

Gold symbolises luck, wealth and also it strengthens your confidence. Gold can also help one to attain spiritual effects. Women can wear a gold ring on their ring finger of left hand and men on their right hand. In astrology, gold is related to Jupiter. Gold attracts luck, prosperity, love and peace. Gold has the power to absorb the negatives and heat. It has so much power that it is used to in aiding health.

Gemtre, we wish our products and information bring positive changes in your life.

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