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Health is an important cause of concern in this modern world. Everyone you see is committed to taking the utmost care of his or her physical health as well as mental well-being. Gemstones with health benefits are supposedly an integral part of the healing process.

Health is an important cause of concern in this modern world. Everyone you see is committed to taking the utmost care of his or her physical health as well as mental well-being. Gemstones with health benefits are supposedly an integral part of the healing process. It is essential to remember that health concerns are not a one-day affair. Instead, it is a day-to-day routine. While wearing or carrying gemstones for health may have positive results, one has to work towards wellbeing voluntarily.

Gemstones, also called crystals, are becoming increasingly popular owing to various factors, and especially health benefits. However, these ancient mineral stones were also used for spiritual healing. Moreover, there are countless such minerals produced on the earth with potential healing benefits.

Gemstones for Physical Health Gemstones infuse the human mind with the motivation needed to pursue the best results. If it has been very long since you concentrated on your physical health, it may be difficult to try it. Insecurities and fear may even cause you to ward off your chances of taking a positive step. That is why working with gemstones for health benefits is more than just empowering the body. It also empowers the mind and strengthens the spirit within. Gemstones have potential healing properties. These work by creating a positive transition in the way you see your body and treat it. Gemstones for health also affirm your willpower to take better care of the body, mind, and spirit. Using gemstones can boost your confidence and willpower to maintain wellness sojourn. Gemstones for health are also gentle reminders of the fact that your health deserves proper care. To care for yourself, you must be determined and energetic throughout. Packed with spiritual energies inspiring strength, endurance, and vitality, these gemstones for physical health essentially help in achieving fitness goals.

Gemstones with Health Benefits Gemstones, the ancient beauties, can support your health and prosperity. In the ancient Egyptian culture and from antiquity, it was a common belief that gemstones had myriads of health benefits. Today, gemstones are only used as ornaments. Nevertheless, people still have faith in potential health bonuses from some gemstones. According to some belief systems, some of these crystals are placed on different parts of the body, also called “chakras”, to promote health benefits. Yet, there are other systems allegedly gain health benefits by wearing gemstones as jewelry made of a gem.

#1: Rose Quartz

Quartz is also referred to as the Spirit Stone. Clear and colorless quartz gemstones crown the chakras in the body. However, the rose quartz has a pinkish hue. The gemstone reflects the color spectrum. It can be used for amplifying desires, manifestations, and prayers from the spiritual world to the material physical world. Of the many types of quartz crystals, the rose quartz is the most popular gemstone for health.

Rose quartz also depicts unconditional love, which opens up new horizons and heals the energy flowing in the body. It also encourages forgiveness and calmness. It emits vibrations of beauty, compassion, and love. One amazing feel-good gemstone supports and nurtures the body, mind, and spirit with the powerful energy of love.

#2: Amethyst

The manifestation stone, as amethyst is commonly known, has more than one healing property. Amethyst is a common gemstone in today’s time along with crystal quartz and selenite. It is a beautiful purple crystal with many benefits. In fact, some people choose amethyst together with diamonds for a wedding.

Amethyst is also much touted as a gemstone that relieves stress and maintains calmness in your body and life. It emits certain cleansing vibrations that soothe your worries from the body, mind, and spirit. No amount of stress is good for healthy living. With an amethyst gemstone, you can get rid of your worries.

Another claimed benefit of this beautiful purple hued stone is sleep – it can aid insomnia and relief sleep disturbances. Physically, it is believed to promote hormone production, relieve pain, and cleanse the blood.

#3: Citrine

Citrine is also called the Money Stone. Citrine is typical quartz with a golden yellow hue. This gemstone is also associated with money, wealth and gold. When health benefits are concerned, citrine is also associated with potential healing properties. It increases positive energy and boosts emotional well being.

Some people also believe that it aids hearing difficulties, sleep problems, digestive disorders, inflammatory diseases, and pain management. Wearing citrine is not enough; you have to find the most natural form of this gemstone to get its positive health benefits. Citrine is also known to have metabolism stimulating abilities. It aids in nausea and digestion. It is also very effective in strengthening nerve impulses and increasing mental sharpness and alertness.

#4: Turquoise

Turquoise is also called the master healer gemstone. It is most effective in building the energetic bridge between earth and heaven. Even in the ancient past, turquoise has been highly regarded as a protective gemstone with good-luck and charm properties.

According to folklore, when turquoise is presented as a gift, the healing properties of this gemstone are magnified. Turquoise is also a stone that represents truthfulness. It enhances communication skills.

This beautiful blue crystal has immense powers to heal the body, mind, and spirit. It is also touted as a good luck charm, which balanced emotions and finds a spiritual grounding. Use this gemstone for physical health as it benefits the immune system, respiratory health, and skeletal system.

#5: Bloodstone

Bloodstone is one of the most powerful gemstones with health benefits. It lives up to the name and has potential properties of cleaning the circulatory system. It helps to draw off harmful environmental energies to improve blood circulation in the body.

In ancient times, people wore bloodstone as an amulet for blood purification. When both energy and blood flow smoothly, the life force within our body is healthy and strong. This gemstone is an energizer that helps you to get rid of negative thoughts, lethargy, and low self-esteem. Bloodstone also boosts emotional health, promotes enthusiasm, and increases drive.

In addition, bloodstone also increases creativity, idealism, and selflessness. It helps people to live in the moment and love what they do. It is also believed that this gemstone can help people get rid of impatience, aggressiveness, and irritability.

#6: Jasper

Jasper is a smooth gemstone, often called the supreme nurturer. It has enormous healing benefits. It is effective in empowering the spirit. It supports people in distress. It also allegedly protects people from negative vibes and promotes courage, confidence, self-esteem, reasoning, and presence of mind. These traits are immensely helpful for tackling vital issues in life. Jasper gemstone for health benefits comes in shades of bright red to dark orange. It looks like hematite quartz. The gemstone brings strength, courage, fortitude, energy, joy, honesty and perseverance. This is one gemstone with health benefits like heat regulation, revitalization, proper circulation and much more.

In addition, red jasper also inspires a positive attitude. It encourages people to take positive steps in life. This particular gemstone is an excellent solution for people who are into fitness and in need of motivation.

#7: Garnet

Deep red in color, garnet is a beautiful gemstone affecting the root chakra. This stone signifies courage, energy, confidence, resilience, willpower, sexuality, and vitality. This gemstone for physical health that boosts the immune system strengthens blood circulation and metabolism and builds muscles.

Garnet also clears blockages and ensures smooth flow of vital energy throughout the body. As a result, blood circulation improves and the flow of energy brings along joy and passion. This gemstone is highly grounding. It is found in a wide range of compositions and colors. It is essentially known for a unique quality of promoting good health and a consistent flow of creativity. The purpose of this gemstone is to bring a spirit down to earth and keep it grounded.

#8: Aventurine

Aventurine is a gemstone effective for mental health and happiness. It is very effective in overcoming ill feelings, self-doubt, and matters related to low self-esteem. It can boost confidence, optimism, and self-worth in individuals. It opens up the mind as well as the dynamic field of energy. As a result, you can see the opportunities and infinite abundance surrounding you.

Aventurine is also known to amplify luck and prosperity besides abundance. It is an excellent gemstone that also works as a good-luck-charm in some cases. Associated with one of the most vital parts of the body, the heart chakra, this gemstone can also create an overall sense of emotional calm and well-being. Furthermore, it harmonizes mental and physical health with the emotional bodies to reestablish balance.

Aventurine gemstone supports the heart, energy, and blood circulation. It can also speed by the recovery time from an illness, surgery, or injury.

#9: Moonstone

This incredibly beautiful, clear, white, rainbow-colored gemstone is allegedly associated with balance and harmony. In the ancient past, travelers used moonstone to protect themselves as a talisman. The gemstone is known to alleviate depression, anxiety, and insomnia while promoting creativity. Some people also believe that moonstone can combat ailments of childhood as well as old age.

Also associated with ‘new beginnings’ in life, moonstone encourages inner strength and growth in individuals. When you are starting afresh, the stone can soothe uneasiness and feelings of instability and stress. As such, individuals can move ahead in life with optimism and positivity.

In addition, moonstone is also claimed to boost positive thoughts, cognitive abilities, inspiration, and intuition. It brings forth good fortune and success.

Tips to Select Genuine Gemstone

  • Identify the health issue you want to address with a gemstone – identify the problematic areas, what kind of support you need, how do you want to grow

  • Check out the collection of gemstones that address your problems. Your problem could be related to physical healing, mental improvement, emotional healing, karmic resolution, higher consciousness, sexual health problems, etc.

  •  Learn about the characteristic features of gemstones – color, cut, clarity, etc

  • Buy from a genuine gemstone seller/store

It is important to identify what is missing in your life before finding gemstones. Once you know what you want or what is going on within, you may be able to reason out before falling for an outside source.

From that point, allow your intuition to choose what could be best for your health. Whether a gemstone grabs your attention or you are feeling a physical attraction toward one, just let your subconscious guide you to the best gemstone for your well-being.

How to Use Gemstones for Health Wear Gemstones Wearing a gemstone with health benefits ensures your health improves over time. You can wear it in various forms, such as:

  • Health Bracelet

  • Energy Bracelet

  • Chakra Bracelet

Carrying Gemstones If you do not want to wear gemstones all the time, you can also carry them. Carrying gemstones for health ensures you are always aligned with the benefits. You can carry it in your purse or pocket for best result.

How to Care for Gemstones When you bring a gemstone home for the first time, you would want to cleanse it of any negativity. Gemstones and crystals do acquire negative energy. It is important to get rid of them. You can hold the crystal under running tap water and rinse it completely. Ensure that the water is cool. You can also add some sea salt for cleansing. It is effective. Similarly, you can burn sage to kill any unwanted energies. Leaving it outside to dry in the morning sunlight or in full moonlight is equally effective. However, cleansing is not just about the physical appearance of gemstones. For gemstones to work properly and spread the magic, you have to remove all negative energy mentally and keep skepticism at a bay. If you respect them, you shall get the best result.

Final Word Gemstones for physical health are magical crystals, very much alive and effective. Humans have been using gemstones for healing for a reason since ancient times. They can not only boost health but also help you to live a more vibrant and aligned life when used properly, with respect. Undoubtedly, they look beautiful, and they are highly powerful too.

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