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How does Yellow Sapphire Benefit your Life.? - GemTre

Yellow Sapphire is one of the highly adorable stones that is used by people from all walks of life. The yellow sapphire is called Pukhraj in Hindi. It works differently for the different birth chart. Yellow sapphire is one of the expensive Gemstone and it is used for the betterment of the influence of the Jupiter planet. The gemstone is light yellow in its colour and has a very beautiful shine.

Why Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj.?

As it is a well-known fact to us that, Jupiter is one of the biggest Planet in our Solar-System and also it is the most adorable planet in astrological birth charts. Jupiter signifies knowledge and philosophy. The planet Jupiter rules justice, long journey, religion, progeny, wealth, and pilgrimage etc. The planet Jupiter rules two houses which are Sagittarius and Pisces. The powerful Jupiter can take the native to the next level of achievement.

What if Jupiter in your birth chart is WEAK.?

Having bad effects on Jupiter or having a deliberate planet might result in humiliation in life and one can be even dishonest. Gemology, Astrology has certain measures for this, use of Yellow Sapphire is a prevailing custom in Astrological Science.

Who should use Pukhraj.?

Although anybody can use Yellow Sapphire for good results. Pukhraj gives extremely beneficial results to some ascendants. There are 6 ascendants those are highly recommended to use Pukhraj.

They are:

Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces.

To be Brief

Yellow Sapphire for Aries: The native who wears yellow sapphire can become wealthier, development in business and career. It can make you extremely honest and helpful.

Yellow Sapphire for Cancer: The ones who wear Yellow Sapphire can have good results in their Fate and fortune, success, father, respect and social standing, name and fame etc.

Yellow Sapphire for Leo: The wearer of this stone can be very intelligent, wise by using this powerful stone. Beneficial for improvements in education and a boon for childless couples.

Yellow Sapphire for Scorpio: The native who wears Yellow Sapphire can have immense benefits like memory, concentration, intelligence, higher education and it can make one wise. It also brings wealth, money and increases the harmony with the members of the family.

Yellow Sapphire for Sagittarius: Wearing of Yellow sapphire can bring happiness, harmony, health, social standing, success in all aspect.

Yellow Sapphire for Pisces: Wearing Yellow Sapphire can make one healthy, strong and forceful. The wearer can develop spiritual trend and will have a philanthropic attitude.

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Yellow Sapphire, is an eminently precious, yellow coloured gemstone of the Corundum mineral family. It is one of the most recognized gemstones in Vedic astrology worn for professional prosperity, blissful matrimony, enhanced will power, and a healthy progeny.

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