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Work-life might always feel monotonous if you not enjoying or feeling the work that you are doing or indulging into. Work is the true source of motivation not just because it keeps you busy, but also because gives you sources to fulfill your economical needs.

Work-life might always feel monotonous if you not enjoying or feeling the work that you are doing or indulging into. Work is the true source of motivation not just because it keeps you busy, but also because gives you sources to fulfill your economical needs. If you are working, you are automatically uplifted both mentally and financially. But sometime, you might feel empty because you are not happy spiritually and emotionally. In such difficult situations, you might think how do I rejuvenate myself at work?

Consulting yourself, the answer might be to quit the job, but when consulting the experienced people, your family and other learned elders they will probably advise you take to the right road which is not quitting the job.

The learned pupil is the family's trusted priest and professionals will always advise you on wearing gemstones. Gemstones will help you fighting with the unseen and unfathomable sources which are constantly blocking your path to victory and facilitate a life free from all misery. They have their proven reason for saying so. They further quote "all living beings, in this world fight to survive and wishes to get some good luck. We all are aware of the adversities of the modern times; life has become a never-ending struggle and it may seem like nothing you try works. In case, have tried your hand at a certain venture and failed, you know how demoralizing this feels can be and if you move to another thing and still find no success, life becomes more frustrating. From the beginning of civilization, man has tried seeking a solution to bad luck in nature, and one of the vital areas of focus has been gemstones. Ages ago, people have believed that certain natural materials have the power to generate good energy and luck. Time has come, to travel back in time, it is time to go back to nature and find a solution in these gemstones. These not only look good but wearing them also gives you positive energy, which is a great determinant of your success in life."

You agree on wearing a gemstone, a ring, a bracelet or a necklace given a reasonable justification to your query. But now the question that keeps on bothering you is; how will these gemstones help me in beating the everlasting tiredness or how do I rejuvenate? Yes, your question is very valid and holds importance provided you are the wearer of the gemstone. You have agreed on wearing a gemstone after true justification. The answer is the same with a few modifications with proof to assure you of their benefits.

We as India are inspired and closely attached to the Gemology, the science of gems. In Sanskrit, these stones are also known by the name of ‘ratna' which means an object of delight or a hidden object to produce hidden results. Gemstones are precious stones that are valued not just because of their value, but also because they can produce desired results. As mentioned, India is well known for precious stones from the past centuries because of its effectiveness. The sacred history of India, both Ramayana and Mahabharat has seen the God wearing gemstones. The most visible was the rudraksha, generally wore in the neck or the arm. The other precious stone wore in the hand were emerald, which is green in color and sapphire, which is blue. It is believed that people have treasured gems for many reasons throughout history. Some of these reasons include the use of gems as beautiful decorative ornaments, religious, medicinal symbols, and amulets and good-luck charms. Gems have also been used for barter and medicinal purposes. Gems were also used as investments by some people and something which is seen as always favoring their luck.

In the modern world, the human body is full of stress and strained in this mechanical cycle and disturbs a lot. To relieve the stress and worries, most people drive towards allopathic medicine, homeopathic, as well as ayurvedic medicine, naturopathy, etc.

When life is full of surprises/shock in terms of physical health and mental health, these gemstones have become more necessary because they aim towards protecting you from all negatives. These gemstones act as guard against them for rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul from these vulnerable elements polluting them.

These stones contain a vital amount of power in them, which stem and emerge in the form of stamina and strength in the form of exercise which helps in restoration of energy. Restored energy makes the mind and body taught in dealing with various problems. Gemstones teaches you a way to relax and rejuvenate because they can be relied upon when fighting a difficult situation in one's life. Science teaches us that a body at rest must remain at rest until and unless at external moves it or obstruct is smooth movement. Gemstones act as a barrier to stop these external sources from creating a hindrance in smooth movement of the body.

Benefits of wearing gemstones:

Connection: Wearing one of our beautiful pieces connects you to the past. Historically, gemstones were used in a variety of ways. According to the author Maria Leach, in early times, gems were used to facilitate conception and induce love and hate.  Now, wearing gemstones is not affiliated with any particular culture or religion. Everyone can benefit from the beautiful gift of history and connection.

Healing Powers: Each gemstone has unique healing powers. Every gem represents a planet and can draw energy from that planet and direct it to you. This helps you in rejuvenation at home by yourself.

Calming Weight: Handcrafted with 108 semi-precious gems, the weight of our Mala necklaces can have a calming effect on the wearer. In the bustle of our modern lifestyle, gemstones can help you to 'get your calm on', particularly if you choose Hematite, Blue Lace Agate, or Sandalwood stones, which relieve anxiety and stress and have a ‘grounding' effect.

Practical Tool: Whether you wear your signature piece daily, overnight, or on special occasions, Malas also double as a practical meditation tool. Worn around the neck, your Mala will provide profound overall therapeutic benefits, and the gemstone spheres are useful when counting mantras or affirmations. Alternatively, the stones can be bundled into the palm of your hand and placed on the area of the body you wish to direct energy and healing towards.

Cleansing: these possess the quality to cleanse anything from fear to self-doubt to recklessness. You must purify your gemstones regularly to clear accumulated energies.  Find out more about cleansing and caring for your gemstones here.

Visible Purpose: Your Mala necklace is a visible reminder of your purpose. According to experts at Mindtools.com, carrying your intentions with you, and regularly referring to what you want and why you want it is, a known way of achieving your purpose.

Sustainable: if you are looking for a piece speaking to your style and lasting a lifetime, you have landed in the right place! A divine gemstone necklace will never expire. All of your work is handcrafted with love and precision. The high-quality stones are strung on a durable nylon string and finished with sacred geometry pendants. Select your piece from our beautiful range and find your inner peace today. It is possible to achieve and maintain wellness in all areas of your life with the beautiful complexities of gems. When you purchase a handcrafted piece, you are not only receiving a beautiful gift from the past, but you are committing to investing in your wellbeing now and in the future. Wearing gemstones rejuvenates your morning by boosting your energy and vitalizing your body.

By wearing gemstone you confers yourself one with health, wealth and prosperity. The wearer of gemstone gets name fame, reputation, growth, and success for those involved in active politics.

These also bestow with the pleasure of having an abled child of the desired gender. It also fulfills one's desire of attaining a higher professional glory. Those who find themselves to be in any sort of materialistic shortage including the limited wealth should wear the prescribed gemstone.

It is also believed as an effective source of fame and healthiness for creative people. One never holds any sort of irrational fear, sufferings, distress, and adversities when one has this stone in possession. It also augments one's determination and strengthens one's luck in favor. Other than those stated above, gemstones also holds healing properties to cure ailments of high fever, typhoid, quarrelsome nature, sorrowfulness, sunstroke, sunburn, and nervous system disorders.

Different months gemstones:

  • Aries the ram, bloodstone

  • Taurus the bull, sapphire

  • Gemini the twins, agate

  • Cancer the crab, emerald

  • Leo the lion, onyx

  • Virgo the virgin, carnelian

  • Libra the scales, chrysolite

  • Scorpio the scorpion, aquamarine

  • Sagittarius the archer, topaz

  • Capricorn the goat, ruby

  • Aquarius the water bearer, garnet

  • Pisces the fishes, amethyst

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