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The outcome or positive results of wearing a Cat’s eye depends on the persons personal belief.

Gemstones, are primarily trusted, thus revered and respected by human beings since many centuries, as they give direction to an array of astrological, health and financial benefits and act as remedies for all effects which are caused because of ill placed planets in the horoscopes of natives. The benefits of these stones, however, depend to a great extent, on the fact whether they have been worn with fulfillment of correct rituals and methods recommended in astrology.

  • CAUTION: Certain things to be taken care of, and must be taken care of, besides these rituals. At the tim of planting this gemstone on the mentioned areas, one needs to consult an astrologer to learn more about all the correct rituals to be followed. Including that, the astrologer will study the horoscope of the native and check whether wearing a bright Cats Eye stone will be worth the efforts for him/her or not. Confirm with your trusted savant or astrologer while procuring a Cat’s Eye gemstone, try to pick a flawless, untreated and good quality gemstone for maximum astrological benefits.

The Cat's eye gemstone can be made into a ring, which is to worn on the little finger or a gold chain with a silver pendant or in panchdhatu (traditional five-metal alloys of sacred significance). This ringmust be worn on the little or middle finger of the right hand on a on weekdays or on Tuesday Morning during Krishna Paksha (descending moon) before sunrise Cats eye gemstone popularly known as lehsunia, is a radiant gemstone, which is associated with the shadow planet Ketu. The green colored Cats Eye gemstone is an aluminate of beryllium and illuminates like the brilliance of the eyes of a cat, thus its name. By wearing a Cats Eye stone as instructed by the astrologer, the person facing the adversities can overcome the problems caused by inauspicious Ketu, which dominates all the fortune and prevents it from acting.Ketu is a powerful astrological planet, whose ill placement can bring a great deal of problems for the native. The following ill effects can be managed by wearing a gemstone called Cats Eye. The weekend, or Saturday is the most auspicious day for wearing this gemstone.Astrologers also call it the day of blessing for those wearing this gemstone.

Here is a list of rituals to be followed at the time of wearing a mystical Cats Eye stone ring:

  • The minimum weight of Cats Eye stone should be 2.5 to 4 ratti. A heavier stone enhances its positive effects. The stone should be studded in a ring made of gold or silver. It should be mounted on the ring in such a manner that it touches the skin of the wearer, so that it is able to transmit the energies of the planet Ketu in the body of the wearer. The recipient of Cat’s eye can also use a Cat’s Eye locket or bracelet, not necessarily a ring.

  • As per your planet location days for purchasing and wearing a Cat’s Eye stone ring are Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday. The best time for wearing this stone is after sunset.

  • Before putting it on it is essential to energize and purify the Cats Eye stone. For retrieving the best out of it, you should immerse it in raw milk and wash it with ganga jal before wearing it.

  • Ones the purifying is over, the person (recipient of the stone, advised by the astrologer) must chant a mantra for 108 times, in order to palliate and persuade the planet Ketu. Aum Kem Ketave Namah, the mantra of Ketu.

  • After the Cats Eye ring has been worn by the person, he should donate items related with Ketu planet. The following include a sand colored cloth and items made of iron metal. Giving sweet chapati or bread to a goat also enhances the effect of the scintillating gemstone Cats Eye.


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  • Cat’s eye stone safeguards its wearer from accidents, enemies, evil plans and mishaps.

  • Wearer of this gemstone can be bestowed with luck and can earn instant money.

  • Individuals who are in the field of trading, share market and gambling should wear this stone as it enhances the chances of winning.

  • This gemstone has an excellent healing property which will guard wearer against evil eyes.

  • It guards the wearer against several serious diseases related to heart, stomach, brain and mind. It saves the wearer from worldly desires and enlighten the path of spirituality for them.

  • Wearing cat’s eye gemstone will soothes the brain diseases and assist the wearer to overcome from depression and gloom.

  • It gifts a great vision to its wearer and improve the visibility and memory power.

  • Loss of appetite for food or anorexia can be cured by wearing this stone.

  • The Ketu dosha, which is known as one of the worst and longest remaining dosha (ill-effects) that last around 18 years will be soothed by wearing cats eye stone.

  • This gemstone is nominated as an auspicious gem that can be worn to guard oneself against cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Conclusion: The outcome or positive results of wearing a Cat’s eye depends on the persons personal belief. The pendant/ring will do its work only it the recipient is true to responsibilities and chants the mantra regularly. Great scholar and priest always say; you earnestly perform your duty and the God will take care of the rest. yes, the saying, doing your job without expecting anything in return is an old story, but it still counts. If you are honest and diligent in your duty be assured, the fruit will definitely ripe.

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