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Beryl Green is one of the popular hexagonal crystal made of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate. Beryl Green is also a variety of emerald and aquamarine. Beryl is basically colourless but due to its impurities, it can be formed as green, blue, yellow and red, where red being the rarest. It can also be found in black colour. The ore sources of Beryl are Beryllium. Beryllium is extracted through hydro-metallurgical steps. The extraction process used are the sulphate process and fluoride process. Beryl is derived from a Greek word which means “precious blue-green colour of seawater stone.”

Beryl is usually combined with tin and tungsten. Beryl was first used in making of eyeglasses, but the vision was not so clear. Beryl is mostly found in Colombia and the states of Europe, US and Zambia. The UK produces the largest Beryl. It has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 Mohs.

Beryl helps in calming the mind, relaxing your heart and body from stress. It encourages a positive vision of thoughts. It is used in aiding many mental and physical ailments. Libra ascendant is highly recommended to wear Beryl Green. Mercury is the ruling planet of Beryl Green.

Why Beryl Green?

Beryl is one of the important ore of Beryllium metal. Beryl is considered to be the stone of youthfulness. It is used to calm your mind and to have a pure heart.

Benefits of Beryl Green:

1. Beryl helps in increasing awareness of self.

2. It helps in expanding creativity.

3. It is said to bring good luck.

4. It is helpful in making you look beautiful from within.

5. It protects from negative energies.

6. It helps in increasing confidence.

7. It helps in treating the heart and spinal issues etc.,

8. It helps in relieving stress.

Who can wear Beryl Green?

Basically, Beryl is a healing gemstone which can be worn by anybody who wishes to have luck in their life and grow their minds creatively and spiritually. Other than that, ascendants of Libra can wear this stone as it is highly recommended according to their birth chart.

How can one wear Beryl Green?

1. See that the stone touches your skin.

2. It can be worn either in gold or silver metal.

3. It should be worn on the little finger or ring finger of the working hand.

4. It should be worn on Wednesday.

5. Before wearing the stone, it should be immersed in Ganga Jal and cow milk for 10 minutes.

6. Chanting mantra: “Om BudhayeNamaha”

Gemtre provides you with a natural Beryl Green gemstone which can help you in healing and benefits you in many ways. Beryl has been said to have the power to keep demons away, to promote happiness and marital love, increase sincerity, cure laziness, protect travellers from danger, and maintain youthfulness. Pliny The Elder used a powdered form of beryl to cure eye injuries, as well as disorders of the heart and spine.

Gem Certification:

Gemtre, we have a speciality in selling astrological gemstones. Each bit of Beryl Greenstone marketed by us is tried in a Government Testing Lab. Every gemstone is sold alongside a Certification that incorporates distinctions like shape, cut, measurements, weight and name of the gemstone. We only sell Lab affirmed Gemstones marked by GJEPC, IDGL, IGI.

We provide Beryl Green at a price of 200/-

We also provide free astrological and gemological consultations. For further details or to buy online please visit our website gemtre.in

We wish our gemstone brings positive effects in your life.

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