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Benefits of Emerald Panna Gemstone And How To Buy Online

Since past, Emerald or Panna rashiratan is thought to be a highly effective astrological gemstone of Vedic astrology. Per the classical Hindu literature, emerald gemstone represents small yet powerful planet Mercury (Budh) that bears a robust influence over native’s life. Being related to planet Budh, the emerald gemstone is additionally denoted as BudhRatna. It’s primarily worn by the natives to strength the weakly placed Mercury within the horoscope and gain its positive influences in life.

This precious, green-coloured gemstone of the Beryl mineral family holds an excellent significance in western astrology further. In civilisation, Emerald birthstone is taken into account lucky for people born within the month of May. Vibrant green emerald gemstone is understood to possess a mesmerising aura and unparalleled aesthetic value. The traditional saints and sages have described plenty about the emerald stone benefits, its metaphysical properties and powerful healing powers. They deeply believed that wearing a Panna stone benefits the individual by providing physiological condition, wisdom, prosperity, creative skills and blissful marital life.

Benefits of Natural emerald Panna stone :

For Success in Creative Ventures:- As per astrological beliefs, Panna stone positively affects the wearer’s creativity and imagination power. It allows the native to ideate and innovates in an efficient manner. Therefore, wearing emerald is taken into account highly beneficial for writers, artists, PRs and media representatives etc.

Promotes Financial Growth:- Emerald is thought to be the ‘Stone of Prosperity’. It represents vitality and growth. Wearing a decent quality Panna gemstone helps to achieve better income opportunities and growth in finance. Astrologers, thus, highly recommend wearing Panna for people working in banking, finance, share market trading or bookkeeping etc.

Brings Wisdom & Intellect:- In Vedic astrology, Mercury (Budh) rules Intellect (Budhi). As per the mythical belief, an emerald stone is worn to achieve intellectual qualities. Astrologers place deep trust in emerald gemstone for gaining wisdom. Wearing emerald gem is additionally considered beneficial for college students preparing for competitive exams.

Refines Oratorship:- one in every of the foremost widely popular benefits of emerald stone is an improvement in oratory skills. As per sacred Vedas, Emerald is considered the Vaani Karaka (Significator of Speech). The healing energies of Panna gemstone benefit the individual in gaining confidence and better expression skills. Needless to mention, Panna benefits people working in PR, Media or Mass Communication-related roles, the most.

Improves Physical Health:- In alternative healing therapies, it’s deeply believed that wearing a Panna or Pachu stone benefits individuals littered with an eye, ear or skin-related issues. Panna rashiratan is taken into account highly potent also in treating speech-related disorders, system ailments and certain allergies of the tract.

Bestows Matrimonial Harmony:- Emerald (Panna) gemstone benefits those that are handling a stressful relationship. The harmonious energies of this gemstone stimulate positivity and understanding between the couple. A poet has beautifully expressed this emerald benefit as –

“Who first beholds the sunshine of day, In spring’s sweet flowery month of May, And wears an Emerald all her life, Shall be a loved, and happy wife.”

How to buy online :

In order to get all these benefits of an emerald gemstone, one should wear natural and astrological approved Panna stone. So, if you are looking for a natural emerald gemstone, then Gemtre is one of the best emerald gemstone dealers that has a wide range of emerald gemstones online. Our Panna stones are certified by Gem Lab and are astrologically approved.

You can visit our website by searching Gemtre on Google and place your order directly on our website or else you can also visit our Facebook page and dm us to place your order and for any queries and details related to gemstones.


Gemtre, we provide every gemstone is sold alongside a Certificate that incorporates distinction like shape, cut, measurements, weight and name of the gemstone. We only sell Lab affirmed Gemstones marked by GJEPC, IDGL, IGI. We provide you Emerald/Panna with a genuine cost between 1,950/- to 24000/- depending on the quality and shape you require. We strongly recommend you to wear our natural Emerald stone which is really precious, the wearer extremely benefits in gaining improved thinking abilities. It strengthens mercury in your birth chart and thereby providing tremendous changes in your life and helps you in making better decisions in life. #gemstones #emerald #panna #stones #pannastone #emeraldgemstone #astrology #certified #natural #certifiedstones #labcertified #gemtre #karolbagh #delhi #india #benefits #freeadvise #cutshape #horoscope

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