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What are the Benefits of wearing a Navratna Ring?

What is a Navratna Ring?

As the name suggests, the Navratna ring is a blend of nine rings. In Sanskrit, Nav means Nine and Ratna means gemstones. Since centuries, it is deemed to be worn for drawing in prosperity and happiness to the one wearing it, by Vedic-Astrology. The Nine refers to the nine planets which are associated with particular gemstones that pull cosmic energies like a magnet.

What are the Benefits?

Each gemstone is believed to give certain benefits. When the benefits of all the nine precious gemstones are clubbed into one, they have colossal power to magnify the positivity in the wearer’s life. Let us look at them in detail.

1) Diamond endows the wearer with power, wealth, and success over enemies. 2) Ruby endows longevity and success 3) Emerald gemstone endows strength and security to the wearer 4) Yellow Sapphire is a stone that improves the financial status 5) Garnet is for health and longevity 6) Blue Sapphire Gemstone signifies love and wealth 7) Pearl brings the life of prosperity and luxury 8) Cat’s eye protects from disease and danger 9) Coral imparts courage.

Can Everyone Wear it?

Yes, all have the fortune of wearing the Navratna Ring. However, it is advisable to seek the help of an astrologer before investing in it. The gemstones must also be Authentic in nature, hence, rely on experienced jewellers like Sun Sea International Jewellers, who have been in this field for years together.


The benefits of wearing the Navratna ring, as mentioned above, are boundless. Hence, choose wise, make your life bright!

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